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Dal or daal recipes are always found in diaries of Pakistani and Indian women. Dal (Lentils) are the basic and an essential staple foods and therefore following dal recipes in cooking everyday foods in Pakistan and India is natural. There is a big number of lentils available in the market and so the recipes of dal is countless at the moment. From toor dal to chana dal, all kinds of lentils come with a wide range of recipes.

KFoods.com offers a huge variety of Pakistani daals in Urdu language. Find yellow dal recipe, dal fry recipe, green and urad dal recipes with easy cooking instructions. Some other daals that you never tasted before are chana daal karahi, turai chana daal, dara khyber, dal masoor, dal makhni, bombay khichra and more.

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These recipes can make up your everyday home food menu. KFoods has brought these scrumptious recipes to you from the desks of top-notch Pakistani chefs.
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Masala Dal Fry Recipe - Having enjoyed masala dal is a true Pakistani passion and so KFoods.com is offering here complete recipe for preparing a delectable fried dal. Learn how to make masala dal fry with step by step recipe with visual instructions in Urdu and English. Following this recipe will lead you to a del ...Read More

Dal Recipes Reviews

it extremely simple to make at our home I made it for my family and they extremely simple and was exceptionally yummy and tasty.So at last I make it . everybody like to eat I attempt numerous recipes and I find this Recipe Its very simple.

  • Komal Hammad,

My Parents and I have made many different types of dal over the years, that was all great, but we will be making this Maash Ki Daal for now on. It''s absolutely delicious!

  • samna,

Very delicious recipe,I had never made before, But when looking at your recipe, then I made it. I made Dhaba Dal Fry very good, and everyone appreciated. Thanks

  • samia zubair,

The best and easy recipe of moong ki daal is written here. I found it very easy and it tasted different from my own recipe of moong ki daal. Will definitely gonna make it again.

  • Sana, Karachi

It is amazing to try new recipes every day just like kharay masalay ki mash ki daal. Who knew right? I just fell in love with this recipe. Very creative. added a little amount of yellow colour ti it.

  • Faiza, Sialkot

Fried mash daal is a delicious food item. I like dhaba daal most. I eat it when I am on a drive to superhighway and there I eat this and enjoy really. It tastes well with hot tandoori roti.

  • Kashif, Lahore

One of the restaurants in my area serves this daal and I really love it. I looked up for the recipe of daal chana fry and found this very easy and amazing recipe. I made daal with this recipe and it really turned otu so well.

  • Mehnaz, Faisalabad

Unfortunately last time I forget to include Ginger garlic paste in Daal gosht but without including it every one like the taste of chanay ki Daal Gosht.

  • Durdana, Khanewal

I used to eat maash ki daal only at my office in lunch but then I thought to make it for dinner at home. It really tasted great with this recipe of maash ki daal by zaakir. Everyone liked it and wanted to eat more. I served it with tandoori roti.

  • Tasneem, Sukker

I made this recipe for chanay ki daal gosht in a gathering after Eid. It came out really tasty. I boiled zeera rice with it. Absolutely amazing. All my people loved it.

  • Binish, Faisalabad