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لوبیا کے پکوڑے Lobia k Pakorey

لوبیا کے پکوڑے

لوبیا سلاد Lobia salad

لوبیا سلاد

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Rajma Rasmisa Rajma Rasmisa

Chef:Munawar Latif

ڈائٹ لوبیہ سلاد Dite Lobia Salad

ڈائٹ لوبیہ سلاد

لوبیا گوشت Lobia Gosht

لوبیا گوشت

سرخ لوبیا اور چاول surkh lobia chawal

سرخ لوبیا اور چاول

لو بیے کا سوپ Lobia ka soup

لو بیے کا سوپ

لوبیا سلاد Lobia salad

لوبیا سلاد

Lobia Recipes Reviews

Chatpati lobia ki daal
Madiha - Nawabshah Mar 08, 2017
We would be traveling to Bahawalpur to my cousin's wedding. Other guests would come later therefore we would have lot of time to cook foods and i will make chatpati lobia ki daal and some selected pakistani recipes as well.
Rajma Rasmisa
Jaabir - Gujranwala Mar 08, 2017
Wow, what a lovely dish rajma rasmisa recipe is.. This is the first time when I searched its recipe, because before it was my sister who used to make lots of dal recipes for whole family members but now she is married.
surkh lobia chawal
Afaq - Sialkot Mar 05, 2017
I like spicy recipes however also like surkh lobia chawal recipe much while also love to have several vegetable recipes. I love the way you guys describe the recipes.

Lobia recipes have vast options to cook with. Combine lobia with vegetables, meat or lentils and change the way you eat food in routine. KFoods.com offers red lobia recipe, white lobia recipe, murgh lobia, lobia ke pakode, lobia ka soup, gosht lobia and various recipes that you can make with lobia beans with different combinations.

There are mainly two types of lobia i) red lobia ii) white lobia.

And dozens of dishes are associated with both of lobia types.

Get latest dishes of black and red eyed beans from top cooking experts of Pakistan including Shireen Anwar, Chef Fauzia, Aneela Rizwan, Chef Bajias, Chef Zakir, Zubaida Tariq, Chef Gulzar and Chef Asad Latif.

Eating kidney beans not only fulfils the taste buds but also provides benefits in terms of health. KFoods.com has offered lobia recipes in Urdu and English, choose your favorite recipe and start enjoying the taste of kidney beans.


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