Mash Daal Recipes

Mash Daal Recipes is one of the most popular dal (lentil) which is also favorite to use in many dishes. Here are some delectable mash dal recipes in urdu like white lentil recipes, daal mash fry recipes and many more daal mash recipes in urdu.

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Mash Daal Recipes Reviews

it extremely simple to make at our home I made it for my family and they extremely simple and was exceptionally yummy and tasty.So at last I make it . everybody like to eat I attempt numerous recipes and I find this Recipe Its very simple.

  • Komal Hammad,
  • Jun 16, 2020

It is amazing to try new recipes every day just like kharay masalay ki mash ki daal. Who knew right? I just fell in love with this recipe. Very creative. added a little amount of yellow colour ti it.

  • Faiza, Sialkot
  • Dec 26, 2018

Fried mash daal is a delicious food item. I like dhaba daal most. I eat it when I am on a drive to superhighway and there I eat this and enjoy really. It tastes well with hot tandoori roti.

  • Kashif, Lahore
  • Dec 25, 2018