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مسور کی دال اور سبزیاں masoor ki daal or subziya

مسور کی دال اور سبزیاں

مسور کی کھچڑی Masoor Khichdi

مسور کی کھچڑی Chef:Chef Arif Dawood

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 درہ خیبر کی دال مسور Dara Khyber ka Dal Masoor

درہ خیبر کی دال مسور

مسور کی دال کا سوپ Masoor Ki Daal Ka Soup

مسور کی دال کا سوپ Chef:Zubaida Tariq

Masoor Daal Nayab Masoor Daal Nayab

Chef:Shireen Anwar

مسور کی کھچڑی Masoor Khichdi

مسور کی کھچڑی Chef:Chef Arif Dawood

ہرا مصالحہ مسور پلاؤ Hara Masala Masoor Pulao

ہرا مصالحہ مسور پلاؤ Chef:Chef Arif Dawood

مسورکا اکنی پلاؤ Masoor Okni Pulao

مسورکا اکنی پلاؤ Chef:Chef Arif Dawood

مسور کی دال سویاں Masoor Ki Dal Sawaya

مسور کی دال سویاں

Masoor Daal Recipes Reviews

Kali Masoor Ki Daal Makhni
Fizza Faisal - Faisalabad Feb 28, 2019
It is great to know about this recipe, My husband loves it but me not had an idea to cook, here at KFoods I appreciate the recipe because of the easy and simple method. I will soon try it to make for my Husband.
Kali Masoor Ki Daal Makhni
Kainaat - Khanewal Jan 28, 2019
My husband and I have made many different types of dal over the years, that was all great, but we will be making this masoor ki daal makhani for now on. It's absolutely delicious!
Masoor Khichdi
Mehnaz - Karachi Jan 08, 2019
Masoor khichri tastes best with some ghee and crackers served with it, Red garlic sauce also tastes best with it.

Split red lentil or masoor dal recipe is one of the basic foods of Pakistani and Indian cuisines. Masoor lentils are cooked in different styles which attract the people to buy it and prepare delicious meals with it.

Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries of the region have a regular use of masoor lentils in foods. Since, it has a vast usage in the region, Pakistan and India have contributed hundreds of whole masoor recipes such as black masoor dal recipe, sabut masor recipe, red masoor recipe and many more to the world. From masoor dal biryani to masoor dal makhni, there are loads of recipes that can be made using masoor lentil. offers a big range of bengali, Pakistani, sabut masoor daal as well as Indian recipes for masoor dal. KFoods allows you to learn how to make masoor dal for different foods including biryani, khichri, pulao, sawaya, masur daal soup, makhni and to cook it with vegetables. With this simply and easily available lentil, you would be amazed to know how much foods you can prepare which you would have never heard about. You can learn different recipes and serve them at different occasions, from ordinary home meal to exclusive cooking for guests, learn and become a master of masour lentil foods.

If you are seeking to make a meal and looking for options, limit your search to masoor daals, and you would get many options to choose from. Recipes from this lentil are wide and full of varieties. You can simply make a food by mixing sabut masoor with rice, or frying it with some vegetables and so on. Find full variety of masoor dal recipes here by and enjoy the special tastes of daal from Pakistani cuisine.

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