Moong Dal Recipes

Pakistani cuisine offers awesome collection of tasteful moong dal recipes. Cooked in combination with methi, palak, egg or milk, mung dal can offer many kinds of delicious meals. Moong dal is an everyday staple food with a regular household use in South Asian countries especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and some other neighboring countries. Pakistani women cook different kinds of recipes from moong dal including gravy, curry, rice dishes and also some sort of scrumptious sweet dishes. Here you would learn how to make moong dal and its different recipes. offers a wide range of mung bean recipes mainly:

and many more.

Moong dal or Mung bean is also known as moong bean or green gram. Moong daal is mainly cultivated in India, China and some other countries in Southeast Asia. Being an staple food, it is used in many everyday foods cooked in homes for dinner or lunch meals. It is also used to cook different savory and sweet dishes as well. Moong dal or mung beans are also rich in healthy elements such as thiamine and vitamin B5.

Do not miss the special moong dal recipes that is presenting here. Enjoy traditional tastes of mung daal that are especially brought to you from the desk of Pakistani cooking experts to offer you the infinite taste of moong lentils.

Moong Dal Recipes Reviews

The best and easy recipe of moong ki daal is written here. I found it very easy and it tasted different from my own recipe of moong ki daal. Will definitely gonna make it again.

  • Sana, Karachi
  • Dec 27, 2018

Moong ki daal is one of the most favorite daal recipes according to me and my mother. We just love it! Now I will make this for her.

  • Afzal, hyderabad
  • Aug 16, 2018

Moong ki daal is the tastiest food recipe for me! I am very happy that there's an easy to follow the recipe here. Kudos to kfoods for always making it easier!

  • Sapna Khalid, hyderabad
  • Aug 10, 2018