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Chicken Biryani Recipe

Let's enjoy a an easy Pakistani chicken biryani recipe at home. Biryani is one of the most popular rice dishes from Pakistani cuisine recipes. Everyone wants something special every day or at least on weekend. Try a special biryani recipe by this weekend. It is a rich main course recipe made with chicken, ri ... Read More

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Zinger Burger

This is tha very Easy and simple

Sep 16, 2019 Rehan Fuhairha Dubai

Chicken Nuggets

Hey, how to make chicken nuggets and different other appetizer and snack recipes for 8 to 10 people. I have to make some recipes for a gathering on the coming holiday. I wanna make some unique and tasty appetizers.

Mar 19, 2019 Shehr Bano Faisalabad

Butter Chicken

Oh, it contains a lot of milk and cream, it must be a very nice and decent dish. I am eager now to taste this as it is much like the dishes I eat happily. Low spices, thick gravy, rich taste, aromatic, having a good appearance.

Feb 28, 2019 Amber Lahore

Chicken Nuggets

Really a wonderful way to make chicken nuggets! You are simply remarkable and this website is always assisted me in cooking. Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe. Please upload more recipes of different nuggets from Chef Asad as well.

Feb 19, 2019 Aisha Karachi

Chicken Malai Boti

Which allspice is it

Feb 06, 2019 Ibrahim Birmingham

Chicken Nuggets

I like the chicken nuggets which are hard and brown in colour. I cook them till they become dark brown in colour and hard. The softer chicken nuggets are very not appreciatable. This chicken nuggets recipe is very nice and Just made the nuggets I like.

Jan 31, 2019 Naz Karachi

Spicy Lahori Chicken Karahi

How does it taste? This spicy Lahori chicken karahi seems to be a bit different. I think you have used lots of yoghurt to turn it gravy texture and also its taste would be bit sour. I am a follower of karahi recipes, I will also try this one soon.

Jan 28, 2019 Mehnaz Karachi

Chicken Nuggets

These were great! The chicken was very juicy. I whipped them up for dinner in about 15 minutes. I scaled the recipe down for 2, and I think that there was too much flour. I used about half a cup for 2 good sized chicken breasts. Next time I may also add some pepper flakes to the flour mix.

Jan 28, 2019 Laila Karachi

Butter Chicken

This is an excellent recipe for butter chicken, however, the first time we tried it, we decided the chicken needed to be marinated first. The sauce was good, but the chicken (we used chicken breast) was a bit chewy.

Jan 28, 2019 Saima Shah Faisalabad

Chicken Nuggets

I have been buying frozen ones weekly simply because of convenience sake. I really don’t like my kids eating them, but being a busy mom, it is a pretty quick meal. I have to be honest and say I never, ever thought I would make my own, so I told my maid to see this chicken nuggets recipe in Urdu and make it for my children. They were really good.

Jan 24, 2019 Dania Lahore