Chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Chowmein recipe is a famous Chinese recipe that has been a worldwide delight for many individuals. Made with fresh noodles and chicken, this easy to make recipe is the main dish that can be served with chili chicken. Comforting Chinese made with lean white meat protein, colorful vegetables, and stir-fried noodles tossed in a savory sauce. You can’t go wrong with restaurant quality Chicken Chowmein recipe! One of the most popular stir-fried noodles the family goes crazy for! A big bowl of chicken chowmein recipe made at home is incredibly satisfying, healthy and tasty as compared to something that is bought from a shop. Tender chicken pieces which are marinated in soy sauce, ginger and garlic paste are then stir-fried until they are lightly brown. To add crunchiness to the colorful combination of carrots, red chili, green onions, cabbages and bean sprouts are what make the dish even more mouth-watering.

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Chow Mein Ingredients:

1) Chicken 1/2 kg, boneless, cubed
2) Spring onions 1 cup, finely chopped
3) Onion 1 medium, finely chopped
4) Cabbage 1 medium, finely sliced
5) Capsicums 3 finely sliced
6) Carrots 3, julienne cut
7) Bean sprouts 1 cup
8) Ginger/ garlic paste 1 tsp
9) Black pepper 1 tsp, powdered
10) White pepper 1 tsp, powdered
11) Sugar 1 tsp
12) Chicken stock cubes 2, crumbled
13) Corn flour 1 tsp
14) White flour/ chicken stock cube mix 1 tbsp
15) Noodles 1 pkt
16) Soya sauce 3 tbsp
18) White vinegar 3 tbsp
19) Sesame seed oil few drops
20) Oil 4 tbsp
21) Salt to taste
How to make Chicken Chow Mein


1. Marinate the chicken pieces in 1 tbsp vinegar, 1 tbsp Soya sauce and corn flour for half an hour.
2. Boil noodles according to package instructions, drain and rinse in cold water, add one tsp oil and mix, to prevent noodles from sticking to each other.
3. Heat oil in a karahi or wok, fry onion lightly, add ginger and garlic paste, stir and add chicken.
4. Stir-fry quickly till chicken changes color and looks cooked.
5. Then add vegetables and chicken stock cubes.
6. Followed by Soya sauce, white vinegar, black and white pepper, salt, sugar and white flour/ chicken stock cube mix.
7. Stir-fry for five minutes, and then mix in the noodles along with bean sprouts and spring onions.
8. Sprinkle sesame seed oil. Serve hot.

What is Chow Mein?

This Chinese chicken chow mein recipe provides you with a Chinese-style spicy noodles with boneless chicken. It is cooked with stir frying method in Chinese style. Chow mein is commonly eaten in China, Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, India and Nepal. Other than noodles, chowmein includes chicken and some other spices.

Try this Chinese recipe either with rice or noodles. Most people like to eat it with noodles however it is up to your choice.

Chow mein in American Chinese Cuisine:

In American-Chinese cuisine, chow mein includes either chicken or beef, onions and celery. Offered as a particular dish in Chinese food vendors in America. Another variation of chow mein is vegetarian chow mein which is eaten by meat abstainers.

Chow mein recipes fall into two main categories:

  1. steamed chow mein
  2. crispy chow mein

Chinese Foods in Asia:

Chinese recipes are eaten all around the world. Particularly, Asian countries host a vast variety of Chinese foods. Thai, Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan restaurants offer a range of Chinese specialty foods. Chinese chicken shashlik, chow mein, chicken manchurian and beef chow mein are most popular ones. Chinese spaghetti and noodles are the foods Asian people like the most.

Steamed chow mein has a softer texture whereas crispy chow mein has stiff texture. Steamed chowmein use long, round shaped noodles while crispy chow mein use flat noodles.

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Reviews & Comments

The recipe did take a lot of prep work but the taste was as good as the chow mein noodles in a Chinese restaurant without the greasy taste. My children loved it and asked for seconds.

  • Javeria, Karachi

Wonderful dish! I made a few changes beforehand such as seasoning the chicken in lemon pepper and basil, added a little more soy sauce, added some chopped up cabbage and it really tasted well in this recipe for chicken chow mein.

  • Kinza, Lahore

chow mein is very tasty really , when I ate it for the first time, I realized it's very tasty. Then I asked about it's name and my relative cousin told me that it is chow mein. I searched about it on internet and found it's recipe here. I will make it in the evening.

  • Faiza, Karachi

Thanks to you and your website team for sharing this recipe. It is a nice recipe, I like these kinds of dishes which are new in taste and come from various different cuisines of the world. Thanks I have tried some of the recipe and now I will try more.

  • Amina, Muzaffarabad

chicken chow mein is simply a wow recipe. I would love enjoying it because it has a very delicious taste. I have eaten chicken manchurian, chicken shashlik and now only chow mein is the thing that I am yet to cook and enjoy.

  • Sobia, Wah Cantt