Chicken Biryani Recipes

Chicken Biryani, a dish with a large number of available recipes, is one of the most favorite dishes of Pakistani people. It uses chicken and rice and additional spices for perfecting the desired taste. There are different opinions about its origin but most people believe that it belongs to Hyderabad, India, and biryani from that region is also famous as Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. Whereas some believe that it was first cooked in Persia and then it took different routes to reach India. Another notion prevails about it's reach to India is that Tamerlane (Timur), the founder Timurid dynasty in Central Asia brought took it from Kazakhstan to India. Whatsoever the history suggests, we can enjoy it's tasteful recipes today.

Till date, hundreds of chicken biryani recipes have been introduced in different regional cuisines. Recipes which went hot famous are Hyderabadi, Kerala, Andhra, Sindhi, Mumbai, Pakistani and South Indian Chicken Biryani. Each recipe contains almost similar content however, spices, cooking style and some ingredients differ with each other. Little differences in cooking reflect great differences in tastes. The ingredients used in Chicken Biryani are very common. For a standard chicken biryani, you need chicken, rice, yogurt (dahee), onions, tomatoes, and some other spices which are very easy to find. However some specialized recipes need additional ingredients that are the requirement for that particular recipe.

There is another terminology used several times - Muslim Chicken Biryani which denotes the style of cooking a Chicken Biryani used by Muslims of India. Muslims ensured use of Halal Meat and Halal Ingredients in the recipe therefore it was named as Muslim Biryani or Muslim Chicken Biryani.

Fame of Biryani went wild because of its scrumptious spices and delicious tastes. It's a dish now which is not limited to a country or a continent but it is known, cooked, eaten and asked for throughout the world. Recipes of Chicken Biryani are available in Urdu, English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and many other prominent languages of the world. Any language you understand, it is no brainer today to learn how to cook a chicken biryani. has the real treasure for biryani lovers. offers plentiful display of Chicken Biryani Recipes, collected from different cities, different countries and told by famous biryani chefs of Pakistan. Find Madrasi, Lucknowi, Bombay, Omani and lots of unique recipes for cooking a Chicken Biryani dish. Choose a good one according to the taste you like, cook it and enjoy. And if you enjoyed it very well, come back to share your reviews.

Chicken Biryani Recipes Reviews

I ate a biryani today at a restaurant. It was made of Chicken and very tasty. It used many spices that actually made the taste. I think it was Chicken or Sindhi biryani . I want the recipe of same.

  • Sweety,
  • Aug 17, 2020

great recipe Hyderbadi Chicken Biryani! Very simle to follow I missed the yogurt however yet it despite everything turned out delicious in taste.. Will make once more. Extremely eager to attempt new recipes from this

  • Sana,
  • Jun 17, 2020

Bombay Chicken Biryani is one of the great and healthy food for eating and this the best way which is defined here for making it with the awesome method

  • Tehmina jafar,
  • Apr 10, 2020