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Dessert recipes are sweet foods used to finish an evening meal. The term 'desserts' refers to sweet dishes but it includes other foods as well. There are many kinds of desserts which include cakes, biscuits, pastries, ice creams, pudding, custards, kheer, halwa, mithai and so on. Fruits are also considered in desserts as due to their natural sweetness. offers a huge list of easy dessert recipes. From ice creams to custards and from halwa recipes to kheer recipes, you can find hundreds of simple dessert recipes with pictures and easy to get instructions. presents easy desserts for Pakistani people which are very easy to follow even by a newbie cook. also features the most famous Pakistani desserts recipes that are eaten across the world.

Here are some famous Pakistani sweet dishes names:

Also find many more easy desserts recipes by your favorite chefs of Pakistan, Chef Asad Latif, Chef Gulzar Hussain, Chef Rida Aftab, Chef Shireen Anwar and Chef Zubaida Tariq. Here is the big list of Pakistani desserts, pick your favorite ones, follow the recipe and share the sweetness.

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Khubani ka meetha gives a perfect taste with custard. It is a traditional South Indian dish with a rich history. I planned to prepare it some days ago and then to teach you girls about how to make khubani meetha recipe so did I and now it is available for you. See complete method of making this sweet dessert and try it ...Read More

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I think it depends on the who is making it in Fiji. I am Fijian and we (my aunts, extended family members and friends) have always used milk/cream as our liquid. I have never used water. I personally prefer a creamy rich taste. I think people need to beindful that there are different styles of Halwa made. I think the Indian/Hindu community use water.

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