Shahi Tuti Fruiti Kulfi

Shahi tuty fruity kulfi is a kind of pudding. Shahi tuty fruity kulfi is a different kind of kulfi in which you will find the dry fruits, fruits and flavors of you own choice. The best way to serve shahi tuty fruity kulfi is with falooda. Shahi tuty fruity kulfi is very famous all over Pakistan. Shahi tuty fruity kulfi is served in the weddings also. Shahi tuty fruity kulfi is best to have in the winters.
You can add asharfi and khoya to the shahi tuty fruity kulfi. They will taste better in this incredible dessert. You can serve shahi tuty fruity kulfi with other traditional recipes like biryani and qorma. Shahi tuty fruity kulfi tastes heaven when served with these traditional recipes. Shahi tuty fruity kulfi can also be served at so many events. You can also cut some mangoes with this shahi tuty fruity kulfi. Hope you enjoy the amazing dessert.

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Bread Slices: 2 medium
Glazed Cherries canned (chopped): 6-7 cherries
Milk: 500 ml
Sugar: 10 tablespoons
Vanilla Custard: 1 tablespoon
Cardamom Powder: a pinch
Kewara Essence (Pandan / Screw-Pine Essence) : 1/2 teaspoon
Almonds/Pistachios (chopped) : 2 tablespoons
How to make Shahi Tuti Fruiti Kulfi


Cut the edges off bread slices. Using a food processor, make fine crumbs; keep aside.

Quarter the glazed cherries and keep aside.

In a saucepan bring milk to a full boil.

Add sugar and cook on low heat till the time it dissolves.

Mix Vanilla Custard with 3 tablespoons of water; add this to the milk, stir/hand-whisk continuously to avoid any lumps. Bring it to a full boil.

Turn the heat off; add cardamom powder and kewra essence.

Transfer the milk mixture into a bowl and allow it to cool down.

Add breadcrumbs, chopped cherries, and nuts to the mixture and mix.

Fill it in ice-lolly molds (or any deep square/rectangular container) and freeze it for 24 hours or until set solid.

Enjoy great homemade Shahi Tuti-Fruiti Kulfi as it is or serve with falooda noodles.
Posted By: Sana Kashif, Sialkot

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