Semolina Halwa-Fiji Style

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1 cup Semolina (suji)
½ cup Salted Butter
300ml OR 1¼ cup thickened/whipping Cream(aam meethay main dalnay wali fresh Cream )
395g sweetened condensed Milk (garha meetha doodh)
200 ml OR 1¼ cup full Cream liquid Milk
1 table spoon crushed Coconut(kash kia hua khopra)
5-6 green Cardamoms(hari ellaichi)
½ Nutmeg (jaiphal)
good quality basic fruit mix of cheries,citrus and Grapes as desired

How to make Semolina Halwa-Fiji Style


Grind green cardamoms and nutmeg, together this will be ½ tsp after grinding ;sift it to remove skin of green cardamoms.

Partially melt butter in a wok and add semolina to it, don't let the butter melt completely before adding semolina.

Add a pinch of salt to it, it will not dominate the taste of halwa but if missed its absence will be felt.

Roast semolina to golden color, soon it will start giving aroma.. add ground nutmeg and cardamom to it.

Add thickened cream, full cream liquid milk, sweetened condensed milk add fruit mix and then mix every thing well.

Quickly it will become thick and there will be no need to add water.

Add the crushed coconut and mix well.

When butter is separated it will be ready.

This is one of the best recipe of semolina halwa.


This is not a Pakistani recipe but Indian people of Fiji make it this way.

while selecting the dried fruit mix make sure it does not have apple or papaya in it as that will spoil the flavor of the halwa.

Don't melt butter totally before adding semolina, let its moisture still be there before adding semolina pinch of salt will not make it saltish but its absence will make the difference in taste.

Roast semolina carefully, if its burnt it will spoil the taste of halwa and if it is still raw it will form a paste when liquids are added to it, camount of liq milk.

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Reviews & Comments (5)

Great recipe! I make mine a little differently. I like almonds and raisins (well, everyone around me lol). For those saying Fijian don''t use crwm. I am Fijian and I use a mix of homo, and half&half. It''s much creamier and much tastier than typical Fijian recipes.

Jul 29, 2021 Zeba

This is not Fiji Indian style halwa. Please correct it. Fiji Indians don't use coconut and cream in halwa.

May 09, 2017 zara Khan Dunedin

Some foods like semolina halwa-fiji style appeal me always. I cook foods at home myself and I try to make it the most. I have many other desserts recipes that I make frequently for all my home members.

Mar 09, 2017 Hizaqat Sukkur

It's not Fiji style halwa but it tastes yummmmmy and much more creamier than Fiji halwa.

Apr 08, 2016 Jellsbaby Melbourne

Sorry to say that this is not a Fiji style halwa. Iam from Fiji. Addition of crushed cocnut does not mean this is from Fiji. Please correct this. Thanks

Jul 31, 2014 sarita krishna Fiji

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