Fennel ginger ice cream

This is a very unique and different recipe for fennel ginger ice cream. People who want to have some unique taste among the desserts are likely to put this fennel ginger ice cream in their top favorite list. Fennel ginger ice cream is a healthy dessert with a different wholesome taste. People suffering from the digestive disorder can have fennel ginger ice cream. This fennel ginger ice cream can help them to improve their digestive system. You can also add a pinch of mint flavor into fennel ginger ice cream to make it tastier.
Fennel ginger ice cream is best to serve after dinner. If not in a mood of having green tea, you can have fennel ginger ice cream after dinner. Fennel ginger ice cream works just the same as green tea. It increases the metabolism and it is also very good for the eyesight. Make fennel ginger ice cream at home and serve with your favorite dinner.

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2 tbsp of fennel seeds
1 tbsp of ginger, chopped
500ml of double cream
50g of caster sugar
3 egg yolks
How to make Fennel ginger ice cream


Place the fennel seeds in a hot dry pan and toast until aromatic and golden. Place in a pan with the cream and sugar, bring to the boil then remove from the heat and leave to cool for 10 minutes

Add the sugar and yolks to a heatproof bowl and whisk until pale and smooth. Slowly whisk in the hot cream mixture until smooth and incorporated, then pass through a fine sieve

Allow the mixture to cool, then churn in an ice cream maker. Just before the ice cream has finished churning, sprinkle in half of the chopped ginger, reserving the rest for garnish. Once churned, keep in the freezer until ready to serve
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