Pudding Recipe

Pudding recipes include different kinds of desserts made with chocolate, rice, bread and fruits etc. The today meaning of Pudding is specifically a dessert. However, earlier it used to represent savory dishes particularly those which involve a process similar to make sausages. The first pudding of the world was made by mixing different ingredients with a binder product like butter, eggs, flour or cereal. Puddings are prepared either by steaming, boiling or baking process.

Puddings are sweet desserts. KFoods offers various kinds of pudding recipes with pictures for you to make and enjoy. Find all kinds of pudding and dessert recipes including rice puddings, fruit puddings, almond, chocolate and bread puddings. Pick your favorite recipe from the puddings brought to you by KFoods.

Mainly puddings are served as an after-meal dessert however sometimes it can be used as a main course meal depending on the ingredients. It is believed that in 18th and 19th centuries, puddings were used as a main course meal on the Royal Navy ships. Filled steamed pies, enclosed with a suet pastry are also a type of puddings. Find recipes of puddings at KFoods.com which are recommended by well-known chefs of Pakistan. Learn to make delicious puddings with authentic recipes by Chef Rida, Chef Bajias, Chef Zehra, Chef Shireen Anwar and many other chefs of Pakistan. Enjoy the sweetness!

What is Pudding?

Pudding is either a dessert or a savoury food found in almost all cuisines of the world. The term "pudding" came from French boudin which refers to "small sausage". In Commonwealth countries, pudding refers to custards and gelatin based jellies. Puddings also refer to various kinds of desserts such as bread or rice pudding.

From thousands of puddings eaten in world, KFoods.com offers a decent range of Pakistani Indian pudding recipes with pictures and easy to understand instructions. Prepare delicious puddings at home for your kids and family.

Pudding Recipe Reviews

I cannot imagine vermicelli pudding sevian not on the table on the first Eid morning. My family and I always use this vermicelli pudding sevian recipe for breakfast during Eid holidays and needless to say, it is very delicious.

  • rimsha , hyderabad
  • Jun 14, 2018

I love special dehli rice pudding very much. I used to buy packets of dehli rice pudding powder for easy preparation but when I tried the special dehli rice pudding from here, I found it to be very delicious, just like a hotel one and it saved me lots of money.

  • Samara, hyderabad
  • Jun 13, 2018

Vermicelli pudding sevian recipe is by far the most easiest that I have encountered so far in my cooking life. I thank Kfoods for introducing me to such a delicious and easy to make recipe. Love Vermicelli pudding sevian!

  • Samara Khan, lahore
  • Jun 12, 2018