Ice Cream Recipes

Are you fond of ice creams? If yes, then brings a wonderful collection of homemade ice cream recipes for you. Ice creams are actually love of everyone. Kids, their parents and grand parents, everyone likes the ice cream as it is a thing to be. Despite all the love and wants toward ice creams, we often do not be having ice creams and desserts as due to availability. Seldom of us can remember to buy ice cream while coming back from work. offers a wide range of easy ice cream recipes which are very simple to make at home. You need very common ingredients to prepare the frozen ice cream desserts for you and your family. KFoods offers big variety of ice cream recipes including mango ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, crunch, kulfa and pista and many other ice cream recipes which you can make with very simple effort. In the summer days especially, ice creams are a must to be at home. It reduces the heatness, keeps you cool and fresh and it always comes with pleasant flavors of fruits and dry fruits.

Ice cream recipes require healthy and natural ingredients therefore mostly it is safe to eat for everyone except some exceptional cases. Ice creams usually are made with milk, cream, sucrose, sugar and different kinds of fruit flavors. provides Ice cream recipes in Urdu, English as well as in video format in order to address the needs of maximum of you guys.

Find here diverse kinds of ice creams including Peshawari Ice Crea, Falooda, Qulfi and so on. Have fun with cold chilling ice creams in the hot summer days and nights.

Ice Cream Recipes Reviews

jab sab chezy milani hn beater se milani hn ya saputula se

  • maha, lahore
  • Apr 29, 2018

I like this pista kulfi, hope it will taste better than pistachio kulfi and ice creams available in the markets. I like pista and almonds as well in my desserts and sweets. Even I prefer drinking milk with almonds, it is very healthy and refreshing.

  • Maira, Rawalpindi
  • Oct 17, 2017

yah, somebody told me peshawari ice cream is so tasty that you will forget the taste of every other ice cream. And yes totally, when I tried it I was way too much astonished. It was unbelievably tasty and mouth watering.

  • Maheen, Quetta
  • Jul 08, 2017