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لوکی کی کھیر Loki ki kheer

لوکی کی کھیر

چاول کی کھیر Chawal ki Kheer

چاول کی کھیر

گاجر کی کھیر Gajar ki kheer

گاجر کی کھیر

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ربڑی Rabri

ربڑی Chef:Shireen Anwar

Kheer By Bajias Kheer By Bajias

Chef:Chef Bajias

Pineapple Ki Kheer Pineapple Ki Kheer

Chef:Shireen Anwar

Loki Ki Kheer Loki Ki Kheer

Chef:Chef Gulzar

موتی چور کھیر Moti Choor Kheer

موتی چور کھیر Chef:Chef Samina Jalil

Rabri Kheer Rabri Kheer

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

Almonds Kheer Almonds Kheer

Chef:Aneela Rizwan

لڈو کی کھیر Laddu ki Kheer

لڈو کی کھیر Chef:Chef Sara Riaz

شکرقندی کی کھیر Shakarkandi Kheer

شکرقندی کی کھیر Chef:Chef Sara Riaz

Kheer Recipe Reviews

Gajar ki kheer
Zarmina - Swat Sep 19, 2017
waiting for carrot season, they will come in November month, then I will make carrot halwa, carrot kheer and some other sweets. It is a gift of winter and everyone must eat it in its season. I am saving this recipe for future use.
Tania - Rawalpindi Sep 19, 2017
rabri is the best sweet dessert that i like to eat after every meal. I was looking for a way how to make rabri at home but I was very busy in my exams. Now since i am free and have lot of time, i would cook its milk my self, then make it and serve it.
Loki Ki Kheer
Saima - Karachi Sep 19, 2017
lauki or bottle gourd is my favorite vegetable. Interesting thing about it is that you can not only cook it for the meal but also for making sweets. Halwa, kheer and barfi are very delicious things made with lauki.

Rice kheer and Pineapple milk kheer are the most favorite dish for occasions like wedding parties, birthday parties and similar events. KFoods provides many kinds of kheer recipes in Urdu and Roman Urdu which include Pakistani and Indian kheer recipes, sawayon ki kheer, rabri kheer, chawal ki kheer, and many more. In this section, you will find a huge list of easy and quick kheer recipes from your favorite chef Asad, Chef Rahat, Shireen Anwar and Chef Zakir.

Pakistani Kheer Recipes

In Pakistan, kheer is also prepared in homes at different Islamic events such as for Eid ul Fitr, Milad, Quran Khwani and in Ramadan. Traditionally kheer is served in small clay pot which is kept in refrigerator for chilling. Kheer is usually made with nuts, almonds, saffrons and cardamoms which make it very healthy and full of proteins.

Let's pick a kheer today and prepare it for your family. Also share your comments and reviews with KFoods!

Types of Kheer Recipe:

Kheer is a worldwide popular sweet and it has many interesting types and forms. Following are the famous types of kheer recipes to try at home.

Rice Kheer:

This is a common kheer prepared with basmati rice, saffron, milk and optionally some sort of nuts like almonds or walnuts. It is a delicious sweet which people choose to serve in parties and family dinners.


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