Honey Recipes

Honey is a sweet food provided by nature to us. It is obtained from flowers nectar by honey-bees and then beekeepers collect it from bees and make further use of it. There are many types of bees that produce honey which are bumblebees, stingless bees and honey wasps however, the quantity produced is lower and different as compared to the regular honey-bees. Honey-bees convert the flower nectar into honey and store it as a source of food inside their beehives. Honey is liked and demanded everywhere; to use as cure, to use as food or to use in cooking. There are many famous honey recipes which are popular throughout the world.

Whichever way is honey achieved, it is a very useful and healthy food for humans. Honey is also used as remedy and cure for many diseases such as cough, allergies, acne, hayfever, asthma and pimples. Honey's mention is also found in our holy book Qur'an. This was all about the honey, now we will tell about the food recipes made from honey. It is used to prepare lots of food recipes almost in the whole world. Honey's sweet awesome taste is always a good addition wherever and however it is used. Some people use honey alone, taking one or two spoons daily, some people use it with milk but it is also used in making sweets, desserts and other kinds of recipes.

There are lots of interesting and unique recipes of honey. If you like sweets, here you can find the recipe of Chocolate Honey Dry Fruit Cake, Honey Almond Milk, Honey Yogurt Ice Cream, Banana Honey Drinks and if you like main course meals with honey, here is Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp and very tasty Honey Steaks with Grilled Onions.

KFoods.com has a collection of honey recipes by well-known chefs of Pakistan. Find honey recipes by Chef Fauzia, Chef Mehboob, Chef Mehdi, Chef Gulzar and Chef Rida Aftab.

Honey Recipes Reviews

I wish I could enjoy Honey Almond Milk By Chef Fauzia recipe tonight with my family but I am nowadays in another city at my cousin home. We are cooking and enjoying Drink Recipes of different kinds.

  • Mehmood, Sialkot
  • Mar 30, 2017

Doctor told me to avoid heavy foods but I cannot bear my craving to eat Mango banana Yogurt Honey Drink. Today, I am feeling better so I searched it's recipe and starting it and also found some excellent iftar items. I will prepare other recipes later some day.

  • Hiba, Multan
  • Feb 28, 2017

My mom cooks Honey Coconut Notes recipe with a great taste which is popular among all our relatives. Later I asked mom to give me the tips for cooking that she has been making especially breakfast recipes.

  • Fadwa, Sukkur
  • Feb 26, 2017