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Coconut is a fruit with multiple uses. It's inner white flesh is eaten as food whereas it also contains water which is eagerly drunk due to it's great taste and healthy facts. As, it is also used in cooking, there are bulks of coconuts recipes being followed in the world. Coconuts have many other uses and that is why it is famous to be a versatile fruit among others. Many people use coconuts as their everyday diet item. Though, coconuts belong to fruit family but they are quite different from other fruits. Unlike other fruits, coconuts have a large amount of drinking water. Unripe coconuts are known as tender-nuts; they are also harvested for drinking water. On the contrary, a ripe coconut also contains water, eaten as fruit and also processed to obtain oil from its kernel. Mature coconuts can also be used for making charcoal from it's external shell as well as coir from it's fibrous husk.

Other than being a fruit, coconuts are used as a key ingredient in many kinds of food products. Coconuts are used to prepare milk, chocolate, candies, cakes, desserts etc. Coconuts are also used in different food recipes. There are thousands of recipes of coconuts in Americas, Europe, Australia, Pakistan, China and India. Every region has it's own coconut recipes according to the cuisine of that land. South Asian countries mainly Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the lands to introduce awesome recipes of coconuts. From coconut creams to coconut cakes, there are many recipes you can enjoy in the combination of coconuts and desi Pakistani Indian cuisine. offers dozens of coconut recipes, coconut desserts and coconut meals which are new to our readers. These recipes include main course meals, after-meal desserts, tarts, sweets and coconut pie recipes. Let's enjoy the flavors of coconuts in your curry, korma, pulao and sweet. Enjoy!

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I will bring coconut and we will make coconut barfi tonight. I first brought all ingredients to make barfi at home but immediately when I saw the recipe of coconut barfi, I changed my mind and decided to make it. Only coconut was missing in its ingredients so I will buy it while returning to home.

  • Tahir, Rawalpindi
  • Aug 07, 2017

sir kanji recipe zabardast hay

  • arif, hyd
  • May 01, 2017

Was looking for Coconut Barfi and found it exactly the way I wanted. Thankful! I can see now that there are still some recipes missing in Riwaiti Mithaiyan, so am looking to you if you add more.

  • Laila, Hyderabad
  • Mar 30, 2017