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چیوی چاکلیٹ براونیز Chewy Chocolate Brownies

چیوی چاکلیٹ براونیز

Brownies Brownies

Chef:Chef Ruby Taj

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Eggless Brownies
Betty - Sandersville Apr 03, 2019
What is icing sugar?
Microwave Brownies
Hoorain - Khushab Nov 27, 2017
Oh that's great, I have microwave oven at home, not the baking oven. Then I searched this recipe and found it can be made in microwave. It is one of the true snacks for kids as well. I would love to enjoy it and hopefully it will give a very nice taste.
Chewy Chocolate Brownies
Rabia - Sialkot Nov 21, 2017
Chocolate brownies are the special one foods that I myself encourage my children to eat. I give some food to them in the evening with tea, I try to give them protein and vitamin rich foods. And I think brownies contain eggs which has lot of proteins.

Brownie recipes are imported from the west. In the beginning, it was a food only in USA, Canada and Europe. Nowadays, such as Pakistani recipes are being tried in the western world, similarly, Chocolate brownies, brownie cake, pastas etc., the western culture foods are tried and tasted in Asian countries. Many famous Pakistani Chefs go abroad to learn cooking from the non-local culinary and then introduce the foods of those cultures in Pakistan. Chef Zubaida, Chef Shai, Chef Shireen Anwar and Chef Zarnak Sidhwa are the leading chefs of Pakistan.

Famous Brownie Recipes by Pakistani Cook Experts

Brownie or a chocolate brownie is an square shaped baked dessert. Brownie was introduced in United States of America and later it went popular in USA as well as in Canada. Brownie is a cross of cakes and cookies; it is made in many different forms with slight variations. There are many kinds of Brownie Recipes such as fudgy, icing, chocolate chip, fudgy and cakey brownie. Another variation which is made with chocolate bits and brown sugar (without melted chocolate) is known as blonde brownie.

Brownies are eaten by hand, either dry or sometimes dipped in tea, milk or coffee. Also sometimes it is served with ice cream or sprinkled with powdered sugar. Brownies are famous as light, easy to take and easy to eat sweet snack. It is a portable food; it can be taken away in tiffins, packed in the lunch boxes of children while they go to school, given to men for their lunch or brunch and women may also take it away to their gathering and other sort of events. presents brownie recipes from the aforementioned chefs for you. Learn and apply your new skill and distribute the sweetness among all your family.


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