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قیمے کے پکوڑے Qeemay KAY Pakoray

قیمے کے پکوڑے

پوری پکوڑہ Pori Pakora

پوری پکوڑہ Chef:Chef Asad

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پکوڑہ سینڈوچ Pakora Sandwich

پکوڑہ سینڈوچ Chef:Chef Asad

چکن پوٹیٹو بال Chicken Potato Balls

چکن پوٹیٹو بال Chef:Chef Asad

آلو بینگن پالک پکوڑہ Aloo Baingan Palak Pakora

آلو بینگن پالک پکوڑہ Chef:Chef Asad

بریڈ پکوڑا Bread Pakora

بریڈ پکوڑا Chef:Chef Asad

چیز پکوڑا Cheese Pakora

چیز پکوڑا Chef:Chef Samina Jalil

Paneer Pakora Paneer Pakora

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

مونگ کی دال پکوڑا Moong Daal Pakora

مونگ کی دال پکوڑا Chef:Chef Gulzar

چکن قیمہ پکوڑے Chicken Qeema Pakora

چکن قیمہ پکوڑے Chef:Chef Gulzar

Chicken Pakora Chicken Pakora

Chef:Mehwish Ahmed

Pakora Recipes Reviews

Bread Pakora
Kashif - Nordhorn May 21, 2019
Aaj hi yeh recipe dekhi idhr se aur try bhi ki, bohhttttt maze k bane.
Bread Pakora
Mehnaz - New york Apr 24, 2019
Your online collection is great especially Bread pakora, I want to make this in a couple of days, I will also prepare breakfast recipes with my mom and aunt and hope we all enjoy tasty foods available here.
aloo pakora
Aisha - Faisalabad Apr 23, 2019
The easiest way to cook any recipe such as Aloo Pakora, that I prepared last weekend, is to search it on kfoods web site and I found many appetizers and snack recipes. I advise about it to everyone.

Pakora recipe in Urdu - Pakora is a fried snack which is mostly consumed in the month of Ramadan. In Pakistan, no is supposed to be complete in Ramadan without pakora. This led to the production of many pakora recipes. Pakora is called fritter in English. Pakora recipe is incomplete without besan. Other than Ramadan, pakoda is usually eaten in the rainy season. It tastes very well when weather is pleasant, rainy or with cool breezes. Pakistani women are very fond of cooking pakoray of different kinds. Especially, in the month of Ramadan, they keep besan (gram flour) days before arrival of Ramadan. Women can easily make them by the help of Pakora recipe in urdu. We have a huge collection of pakora recipes in urdu and English. Pakistani pakora recipe are loved in the month of Ramadan and in the rainy season served with hot tea. Famous Ramadan pakora recipe includes:

Chicken pakora recipe
Paneer pakora
Onion pakora
Fish pakora recipe
Vegetable pakora recipe
Aloo pakora recipe
Bread pakora recipe
Kadhi pakora recipe
Spinach pakora recipes
Aloo tikki
Cauliflower pakora recipe

You can also look up for the pakora recipe video by which you may learn to make the fritters easily and make them for your loved ones. Chaat and samosa are also a great combonation with pakoras.

Serving Ideas:

Pakora can be served with different alternatives but the most loved among them is the chutney. You can serve pakora with mint chutney, meethi chutney, raita, imli ki chutney, podina ki chutney and mayonnaise or ketchup. You can make stuffed chilli pakoras at home very easily and serve them with rice. People serve pakoras as an appetizer before the dinner.
You can find famous pakora recipe on the platform of like potato cheese balls, baingan ke pakore, aloo ke pakore, pyaz ke pakorey and mix vegetable pakorey. This page has been drafted for you to make different variety of pakora during this Ramadan.


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