Onion Fritters (Onion Pakoras) Recipe

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100g gram flour (Besan)
2 Teaspoons Chilli powder
Salt to taste
Water to mix
4 Onions
Oil or Ghee for frying

How to make Onion Fritters (Onion Pakoras)


Sieve the flour, chilli powder and salt into a bowl.
Beat in sufficient water to make a thin batter.
Cut onions into rings - two (2) inch thick.
Heat oil or ghee in a frying pan.
Dip onion rings into the batter.
Fry quickly until crisp.
Drain and serve with hot tomato chutney.

Note: Preparation time 15 minutes

Posted By: asma, Karachi

Onions pakoda or Onion fritters are simple to make; they need just 15 minutes of preparation time. Made with easily available ingredients, these pakoras are going to give you a light decent taste. You would to eat it hot with tomato chutney. This recipe is recommended for iftar.

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Reviews & Comments (13)

Saima - Karachi May 17, 2017
I have bought many onions and ginger garlic for making different snacks to eat at iftar time. I have told my wife to cook various snacks with it. We would prepare onion pakora, spaghetties, pasta, rolls, and different fritters etc.
maha - KARACHI Mar 10, 2017
Whenever I have to cook something, I find the easiest one like this onion fritters at kfoods, and I am looking for more snack recipes and hope more of such kind of recipes.
Wajiha Ikhlaq - Rawalpindi Jun 12, 2016
Onions fritters do use a very few ingredients like just onions, gram flour and chili powder but they taste good , even better than other snacks sometimes. And onions are always there at home so you don't need to go especially to the market to buy them , so it becomes an easy one to make. I'll choose it the most to make in ramadan month.
Maheen Naz - ISB Jun 04, 2016
simply nice. I like all kinds of pakore such as chicken, methi and pyaz. All I want in pakora is the limit of oiliness . If there is too much oil , which is a big problem while serving pakora, it is difficulty in eating. So I always get satisfied first about removing the oil and then I serve in the platter.
Somaiya - Rawalpindi Jun 02, 2016
Onion is always at home as it is a regular part of ration. So it comes every 1st of the month for whole month. This is the easiest option for me to make at home, I like its taste too so I prefer it over other pakora and in the coming days, I am also looking to make it in ramadan.


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Onion pakora recipe employs onions, gram flour (besan), chili powder and salt. It is a very simple recipe, prepared within 15 minutes, and yet with a decent taste. This recipe is perfect for the month of Ramadan. Prepare hot and fresh onion fritters and serve at iftar.

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