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Rice Recipes in Urdu are so light and delicious as well as chicken pulao recipes, chicken biryani recipe in urdu and many more rice recipes. We have wide range of simple Rice, Biryani, and Pulao recipes which are very much popular in Pakistan, India and many other country like paneer rice, Chinese chicken Pulao Biryani, chicken biryani recipe, yakhni pulao, rice pilaf recipe, rice salad recipe, brown rice recipes, chicken, chana pulao recipe in Urdu, rice recipes and much more.

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Biryani is a mix rice dish with its origin among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It very well may be contrasted with blending a curry, later joining it with semi-cooked rice independently. This dish is particularly famous all through the Indian subcontinent, just as among the diaspora from the district. Chicke ...Read More

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Bohut asan or behtreen tarika really nice

  • Muhammad Zain,

This is a very yummy Chicken biryani. My family likes biryani a lot and I often cook it by using your recipe. Thanks for such details specially thanks kfoods

  • HIRA,

I ate a biryani today at a restaurant. It was made of Chicken and very tasty. It used many spices that actually made the taste. I think it was Chicken or Sindhi biryani . I want the recipe of same.

  • Sweety,

Sindhi biryani recipe very common dish in Pakistan.. Everyone has favorite dish.. and this method is so different and i am seeing this recipe then try home

  • Shaista,

not all pulao recipes is worth to try but this one was the best one i ever tried. after following this recipe for Sikandari Pulao Recipe everything done perfectly and everyone appreciate this dish a lot in my own family.

  • Saba Ahmad,

Kfoods is one the best recipes website of Pakistan and Kfood''s recipes are no doubt are one of the best recipes to follow. I tried Mutton Pulao from as per this recipe updated on your page and the Mutton Pulao taste was very delicious.

  • sana javed,

Mutton Pulao Recipe yet again another good in taste Pakistani dish that you will find at any dining table. Mutton Pulao Recipe can be accessed from any Pakistani restaurant as well.

  • Saba Ahmad,

I could eaten this Sindhi Biryani all month. This is a outstanding combination. Each ingredient is proportioned perfectly and the timing for each phase is right on. Very nice for winter season.

  • sanam zafar,

good recipe,I had never made, But when looking at your fixings, by then I made it. I made Pulao great, and everyone expanded in esteem. thanks kfoods.

  • sara,

Wow good recipes.. I never had a good Chicken Biryani, as soon as I saw your recipe, I made it your way again Your ingredients is awesome .. now I making a good Chicken Biryani recipe.. thanks a lot, and I am very grateful to you

  • Zubia,