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Egg Fried Rice
Hizaqat - Karachi Mar 30, 2017
Your website is one I like, today I came here to search Egg Fried Rice recipe as well as some other Rice recipes for my family.
Seafood Fried Rice
Afgan - Lahore Mar 24, 2017
Hi, can I send a list of my required recipes including Seafood Fried Rice. I want some Rice recipes in my email and then I will save them. I will make them later one by one.
Tud Tud Bhata (Kashmiri fried rice)
Batool - Faisalabad Mar 13, 2017
My aunty taught me to make kashmiri fried rice and it was tasteful, then i tried some rice recipes in the same way and now I can cook amazing recipes.

Fried rice is cooked with steamed rice mixed with other ingredients like eggs, onions, carrots and meat. Sometimes it is served as a second last dish in the meal, usually before serving the sweet dish. There are hundreds of fried rice recipes with different variations of spices and ingredients. Fried rice usually includes leftover ingredients from other dishes such as vegetables and meat.

Fried rice is mainly an Asian dish, eaten as a routine dish in certain countries including Pakistan, India, China, Malaysia and Singapore. Fried rice recipes became so popular that people devised hundreds of recipes from fried rice. Using some variations in spices, ingredients, meat and cooking style, there is now a countless number of fried steamed rice exists.

If you go in the quest of a fried rice recipe for your meal, you will be left with lots of options. KFoods can suggest you some of the famous meals in this category such as:

Fried rice is used as a common food item in Chinese American Cuisines and usually dealt as a fast food item. In Asian countries, it is mostly cooked with peas, onions, tomatoes, carrots and chicken. You can customize it in lots of ways. Either you eat low spices or you are fond of spices in everything you eat, in both ways it gives a good taste. Find here some selected recipes of fried rice given by authentic chefs of Pakistan.


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