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Rice making foods are so light and delicious as well as chicken biryani recipes, and Pulao recipes that are one of the most widely inspired cooking recipes of the world. They are incredibly healthful to give energy and vitality to our body. Rice, Biryani, and Pulao are Pakistani and Indian food recipes collection. KFoods gives you the best recipes as well as Paneer rice, chinese chicken Pulao Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Yakhni pulao, rice pilaf recipe, rice salad recipe, brown rice recipes, chicken and rice recipe in urdu and much more variations that you like most.

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Sindhi Biryani is among the most famous recipes of biryani in the region. In Pakistan and India, yet there have been introduced dozens of different biryani recipes however Sindhi Biryani, which uses set of specialized Sindhi spices, making it a unique and distinct piece among all other biryanis. You must have heard ...Read More

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I need the recipe book of nawabi biryani

  • W Dominic Baidya ,

EXCELLENT!!!! This was very simple and precise as I truely enjoyed it so much, along with my family... living in South America being a 3rd generation Indian ..we lost our roots along the way as we were British bred..and most of our beautiful cultures were neglected...I learned of Biryani, after migrating to the USA...and it was the greatest challenge and inspiring ,most of the Indian foods and cultures and the beauty of this media...much thanks and continue to Aspire to our aromatic and healthy meals in the entire world....

  • Sherry,

Tandoori Chicken Biryani is one of the most delicious Pakistani foods. Nowadays, everyone must have chicken at home so if you are also looking for options to make something with beef, then try chicken biryani, nothing else.

  • sanam zafar,