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Beef & Mutton Recipes are very commonly followed in Pakistan. Since beef and mutton are the must part of our grocery, it is used every second or third day in meals in Pakistan and India. Household women are always seeking new dishes that can be cooked with Cow or Goat Meat. Common recipes of mutton and beef cooked in Pakistan are Aloo Gosht, Beef Keema, Malai Koftay, Shami Kababs and Beef Nihari.

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Mutton and Beef are broadly used in foods across the world. These meats are part of almost every cuisine from every region. In Pakistan, people make kebabs, rice, gravy and stew, and barbecue recipes from cow, goat and lamb meat. In USA, roasts, steaks and sausages are common recipes of meat and beef. In Europe, cow and goat meat is mostly used in different kinds of steaks and barbecue.

When you are with a mind to cook something awesome with meet, beef or lamb meat and your are just looking for recipe options, puts hundreds of options before you. Find almost everything from Pakistani, Indian and South Asian cuisines that you can cook with Halal meat. If you make a very delicious meal with help of KFoods recipes, don't forget to share your reviews.

Mutton and beef are common meat to be used in Pakistan. After chicken, beef and mutton are used in routine cooking. Often it is regular part of monthly ration and as the month starts, people buy mutton and beef for the whole month and then different dishes are cooked such as aloo gosht, aloo keema, shami kabab etc.

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  • Zak Khogyani ,

We made this recipe and it was absolutely perfect! One of the best curries we''ve ever had. The only suggestions I would make would be to reduce the salt by half (we use himalayan salt for its gentler flavour and superior mineral profile) and to substitute the yogurt with kefir. In general, we like to use kefir instead of yogurt because it has both a greater variety of beneficial bacteria strains and a greater density thereof - resulting in more tender meat and a healthier meal overall. Thank you so much for posting this. My whole family loved it!

  • Tai Syed,

Hello What can I use to thicken if I do not have wheat flour. Can I use corn flour instead. Thank you

  • Cheryl ,