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Sausage & Peppers Sausage & Peppers

Chef:Zarnak Sidhwa

ساسجزاینڈ پیپر Sausages And Papper

ساسجزاینڈ پیپر Chef:Zarnak Sidhwa

منی سوسیجز پیزا Mini Sausages Pizza

منی سوسیجز پیزا Chef:Chef Asad

منی کارن سوسیجز رول Mini Corn Sausages Roll

منی کارن سوسیجز رول Chef:Chef Asad

تکہ ساسج بائیٹس Tikka Sausage Bites

تکہ ساسج بائیٹس

ساسجز والا سالن Sausages Wala Salan

ساسجز والا سالن

Beef Sausage Pizza Beef Sausage Pizza

Chef:Adeel Khan

Sausage Recipes Reviews

Sausages Wala Salan
Zunaira - Peshawar Aug 28, 2017
Hi, what actually this sausage is?? I live in Peshawar and I have not yet seen this sausage in any of my neighbor's or our own home, nor in our family. May be it is cooked in other cities of Pakistan. But tell me please what actually it is.
Mini Corn Sausages Roll
Madihah - Hyderabad Mar 30, 2017
Pakistani chefs are the best ones and I have learned lots of things with their shows including Mini Corn Sausages Roll recipe. And I watch masala shows to learn more Appetizer and Snack Recipes from Rida and Shireen Anwar.
Tikka Sausage Bites
Bab - Peshawar Mar 05, 2017
My aunty lives in america , whenever she comes to Pakistan, she cooks many delicious foods. One day she cooked Tikka Sausage Bites recipe which was so delicious. She knows to cook many iftar items, I got to learn some of them from her.

Sausage Recipes include different food dishes made with or made like sausages. (Sausage is usually a cylinder-like piece of beef or chicken meat covered in a skin of another edible item. Generally, sausages are available in raw form which can be cooked in different ways like grilling, boiling or frying and then it is ready to eat). It can be formed into different shapes like cylindrical, cut into pieces or wrapped in a cover with different spice items. Sausages are used in breakfasts and dinners and can be customized more as you like.

Sausages are not very common to eat in Pakistan and India and so there are few people know about it's recipes. Many Pakistani Chefs have introduced different homemade sausage recipes in Pakistan. Many of them are here presented by Find here a big collection of halal sausage dishes which you can easily prepare at your home. Sausage cooking also includes different styles like smoked, venison, Italian and ground.

Sausages are entirely different from traditional desi foods. If you are interested in cooking sausages, you are at the right place. A list of recipes is presented here for you. Scroll through all the recipes and pick with the most appealing taste for a joyful meal at home.


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