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Chicken Nihari by Chef Zakir
Rabia - Islamabad Jul 26, 2017
Hi thanks for sharing recipe of my favorite nihari. My elder sister makes this nihari very well and tasteful manner however her wedding is coming and she will go to susral. Therefore I am looking to learn nihari and some other dishes , i will cook food for home then.
Mutton Nihari
Rania - Lahore Jul 11, 2017
I have beef meat in bulk, I want to make nihari. Can I make beef nihari using this recipe? I liked this recipe , it looks very easy and it's pictures are also looking very good. I will be waiting for your response, then I will proceed to cooking.
Chicken Nihari by Chef Zakir
Asifa - Larkana Jul 08, 2017
I have seen so many shows of chef zakir and copied so many of his recipes. Over all these years one thing I got to know is that you should be confident with whatever you make. and never say “I didn’t make it well”

Find exclusive Pakistani nihari recipe at and enjoy a hot bowl of thick and spicy nihari which infatuates you with its pleasing, hunger sparking aroma. Get selected recipes for making scrumptious nihari dishes at home.

Nihari is one of most favorite and traditional dishes of every Pakistani kitchen. Nihari is a very famous dish due to its unique taste and spiciness. Nehari is so common in Pakistan that we can find many restaurants dedicated only to Nihari dish. Most of us love eating Nihari in lunch or dinner however people also take it in breakfast. The traditional nihari serving is with lemon, ginger and coriander and hot tandoori naan. Find out how to make nihari with mutton, beef or chicken very easily with authentic recipes from your favourite chef of Pakistan.

KFoods offers lots of nihari recipes from different chefs with different styles. Learn how to make mutton, beef and chicken nihari by chef zakir and others. Recipes are very easy, spices and ingredients are available in market so what are you waiting for? Pick a nihari dish and start cooking.

Karachi people like Nihari very much and that is why there are many famous Nihari Houses like Javed Nihari, Zahid Nihari and Mumtaz Nihari. You will find different variations of nihaari in Karachi like nali nihari, maghaz (brain) nihari etc.

Nihari Calories

Nihari is a leading Pakistani food. As it is made with shank meat and marrow bone, it contains reasonable amount of fats. One serving of nihari contains 413 calories.

Nihari recipe nutrition facts.

9 grams
38 grams
25 grams


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