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Pasanday By Chef fauzia
Reeha - Islamabad Aug 28, 2017
Looking to make this pasanda on the 3rd or 4th day of Bakra Eid. I like beef and mutton recipes that is why I like to make pasanda, stew, shami kabab, korma and meat biryani. Pasanday is the most favorite food of mine.
Beef K Pasandy
Mah para - Abbottabad Mar 08, 2017
We would be traveling to Bahawalpur to my cousin's wedding. Other guests would come later therefore we would have lot of time to cook foods and i will make beef k pasandy and some selected beef & mutton recipes as well.
Paneer Pasanda
Jaah - Abbottabad Mar 08, 2017
We all prepared paneer pasanda recipe last weekend and enjoyed it a lot. It was so delicious that i decided to repeat it again. this time, i would make it alone however i will keep making eid-ul-adha recipes regularly with my friends.

What is Pasanda?

Pasanday Recipe is a famous meat dish served to the emperors of Mughal Empire. The name is derived from the word 'pasande' which means 'favorite'. Pasanday are made with prime cut of meat of cow or goat. offers beef pasanda recipe, pasanda curry, lamb pasanda recipe and more. Get an extensive range of delicious beef pasanday recipes, Hyderabadi lamb pasanda and many more.

Preparation of Pasanday:

The first Pasanda was cooked with lamb meat. Sliced into thin flat strips, marinated with spices and deep fried. Today's pasanday recipes are cooked with mutton, beef, lamb and even with prawns and chickens. Whichever meat you use, spices usually remain the same. For an appealing presentation, it is usually garnished with almonds, tomatoes or coriander. Traditionally, it's served with naan, chapati or with boiled rice.

Pasandas are also sometimes served in kebabs form with raita or curry sauce. See how to cook pasanday with mutton, beef and lamb with recipes here brought to you by

Famous Pasanda Recipes


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