Hunter Beef

Hunter Beef Recipes

Hunter beef recipes become traditions when deep freezers are full of beef later Eid ul Adha. Pakistani people are very fond of preparing hunter beefs. After Eid ul Adha, a huge trend toward preparing beef dishes in which hunter beefs are prominent. There are lots of Pakistani beef recipes which mainly include hunter beefs sandwich recipe, roast beef, roast beef leg, oven roasted beef and pot roasted beef are common to make.

A beef hunter is actually a method of preparing beef before cooking it for eating. Beef is slit, spiced and marinated with selected ingredients. That beef is then stored overnight as to complete the process. Next day it is either steamed in an oven or roasted in a pot to get the desired taste. This method is also applied in European countries as well where it is termed as 'corned beef'. has huge range of recipes in the category. Whenever you are likely to have some spicy beef foods, you don't need to roam in the market, just open this page and have fun with your desired beef.

Hunter Beef Reviews

We are looking for a perfect hunter beef recipe and I think this Qandhari beef would be perfect to enjoy on the post Eid weekends. Qandhar is a city in Afghanistan therefore I think it would be a great thing to eat because Afghani foods are very popular even in Pakistan.

  • Shahzaib, Quetta
  • Aug 28, 2017

May I know how long would it take to make a beef roast from scratch. I would have beef in pieces so when I will keep them in freezer and retrieve them before making the roast. Wash it and then start the recipe. How long?

  • Mahwish Mahar, Islamabad
  • Aug 23, 2017

Hi, can I send a list of my required recipes including Roasted Lamb. I want some Barbeque Recipes in my email and then I will save them. I will make them later one by one.

  • Bab, Hyderabad
  • Mar 24, 2017