Peshawari Chapli Kabab

Chapli kebab recipe is a small patty comprising of meat mince having different spices mixed in it. The patty is then pan fried with oil. Once cooked Chapli kebabs can be served and garnished with parsley, chopped onions and tomatoes, along with other accompaniment such as various chutney sauces, salads and yogurt. Chapli kebabs recipe is prepared within half an hour including marinating time and frying time. Chapli kebabs recipe is a popular barbecue and street food throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other parts of the world as well in Northern India and eastern Afghanistan. It can be served hot and eaten with Naan bread, rice or in buns and sandwiches such as bun kebabs.

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Minced Meat: 1 kg
Mutton Fat: 1 cup
Crushed Pomegranate: 1 cup
Solid Pomegranate: 1/2 cup
Eggs: 6 pieces
Salt: As per your taste
Garlic: 1 piece whole
Coriander: 1 tablespoon
Tomatoes: 3 pieces
Green Coriander: As per your taste
Green Chilies: As per your taste
Onions: 1 kg
Banaspati Oil: 1 cup
Mirch: 1 teaspoon
Corn Flour: 5 tablespoons
How to make Peshawari Chapli Kabab


1. Chop the onions into small pieces.

2. Put eggs, green onions, tomatoes and corn flour and mincemeat into a bowl and mix them.

3. Take 3 tablespoons of the mixture in your palm.

4. Roll it between your palms and form a ball.

5. Press the ball between your hands and flatten it to form the kabab.

6. Heat the oil in pan and fry completely.

7. Hot and delicious Chapli Kabab is now ready to eat.

8. Decorate it with salad items, lemon, onion rings and green chili and receive the gratitudes.

Chapli Kabab Video Recipe

Chapli Kabab, a form of kababs made with minced mutton meat, is a famous dish originated from Peshawar, Pakistan. Chapli Kababs are large than other kababs or tikkis. It represents a cooking style which is unique and different from the world and that is why from Peshawar, it got familiarized to whole Pakistan, then in the region and now it is known in the world.

Chapli Kabab also written as Chapli Kebab can be found all over Pakistan. In Sind and Punjab provinces, you will have to roam across the city to find out some food shops specialized for it however in Peshawar, Balakot, Swat and other KPK cities, chapli kababs are available nearly on every street. In KPK province, it is a common food item such as Nihari in Karachi and Paaye in Lahore.

Cooking its recipe is full of fun. Often when people make it for the first time, the taste they expect is not the gain however it is enjoyed; the cooking and eating too! First onions are chopped into small pieces and then other spices are added and mixed altogether. Eggs, tomatoes, green onions and corn flour, all are taken and mixed. The fun part comes here. Now pieces from the mixture are taken and rolled between the palms to form a ball shape. Then the ball is squeezed to form a disk like shape (Kebab shape) and that's it. Now only it's cooking is required. Then oil is heated and kababs are fried. It's the reward time! As kababs are ready to eat, they are decorated with salad vegetables; lemons, onions, green chilies and tomatoes do well to increase its splendour. presents a quick easy recipe for it. The instructions given in the recipe describe well the process; follow the recipe and quickly learn how to make chapli kabab easily at home.

This interesting reading must have watered your mouth. So locate the recipe at front and start cooking the famous Chapli Peshawari Kababs.

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I need to attempt this recipe it look very tasty, I normally made this recipe from different methods now I need to attempt this method..

  • yamna,

This is an awesome recipe! The first time I made it I made it as written and it was delicious. I expected it to be hotter than it was. My husband and I both love spicy food, so the next time I made it I doubled the green chili.

  • Veena, Peshawar

The recipe for Peshawari chapli kabab was easy, it turned out great. No breaking while frying or anything. For best taste, serve with handmade roti/chapati and raita.

  • Fatima Khan, Sargodha

I love this Peshwari Chapli kabab and more than any kabab recipe peshawari Chapli kabab is one the most favorite dish of the people of Peshawar,because of its taste.peshawari chapli kabab is the really good in taste I have made it last Sunday and it is really amazing on taste and my father was appreciate me that peshawari kabab was so good.

  • Fatima, lahore

I love to try different kind of desi foods every day and this time I will try peshawari chapli kabab because it is spill-free, can easily go with any dip and is the perfect party food or engagement. I will be making this for my sister's mehndi this week.

  • Soniya, lahore