Korma Recipe

I know you were looking for Pakistani korma recipes, so fortunately you came to the perfect place. KFoods provides you many different types of korma like white qorma, badami korma, chicken korma, egg, shahi mutton korma (Chef Fauzia) and achari korma.

History of Korma Recipe

Qorma or korma recipe originally belongs to South Asia in the kitchens of Mughal emperors of South East India. It was introduced in 16th century when a cook prepared it for the Moghul king. It is also written as kormaa, qorma, qovurma, khorma or kurma.

It is a tasty dish made with meat and vegetables along with spiced cream or yogurt, onions and cardamoms. The spices used in qorma generate a very different taste due to its unique spices and cooking method. In Pakistan, Kurma/Qorma is a traditional food item.

Kurma can be served with naan and boiled rice whichever you like. It is also a regular dish in almost all restaurants in Karachi. You can taste various Korma dishes in any good restaurant in Karachi.

Korma is eaten eagerly in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. KFoods.com allows you to unearth all kinds of korma recipes in Urdu, English as well as in video formats. Explore variety of chicken, mutton and beef kormas and then choose the most appealing recipe for your today's menu.

So figure out how to make korma with chicken and almonds, mutton, beef and lamb and enjoy another beautiful Pakistani taste.

Korma Recipes in Pakistani Style

All Pakistani foods are very famous in the world however when we talk about korma, it's popularity is more than ordinary. Pakistani chicken, mutton, lamb and beef korma, all are highly talked about. Pakistani chefs did the job of making people aware of Pakistani tastes and devised easy qorma recipes that can be prepared very easily at home.

Korma Recipe Reviews

The steps of which is mentioned in the recipe of Mutton Korma is quite better that the steps which I used, I will definitely try this way of making Mutton korma to develop some unique taste.

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  • Aug 21, 2020

I always like shirin answer recp

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a one of the best recipe ever White Korma this dish is so tasty and yummy as well with different types of spices, this recipe will help everyone in making it good all thanks to kfoods.com

  • SAMMY, karachi
  • Jul 24, 2019