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Dam Ka Keema Dam Ka Keema

Chef:Farah Jahanzeb Khan

Tawa Keema Tawa Keema

Chef:Tahir Chaudhry

Bihari Qeema Bihari Qeema

Chef:Munawar Latif

دم کا قیمہ Dum Ka Keema

دم کا قیمہ Chef:Shireen Anwar

Keema Gobhi Keema Gobhi

Chef:Chef Rahat

Kachri Keema Kachri Keema

Chef:Chef Rahat

Turkey Mince Stir Fry with Basil Turkey Mince Stir Fry with Basil

Chef:Chef Madhur Jaffrey

Keema Recipe Reviews

Dum Ka Keema
Saniya Ashfaq - lahore Jul 08, 2018
Dum ka keema is a traditional recipe in my family that my grandmother used to make for us and I didn’t like it as a child. But now since I’m all mature, I greatly miss her keema.
Fry Keema
Omair Khalid - lahore Jul 01, 2018
Fry keema is an innovative recipe that is very good in taste and the preparation is very easy as well. My family loved it and my mother in law was very impressed.
Fry Keema
muneeba mushtaq - larkana Mar 30, 2018
really fry keema is my favorite dish which I always like to eat on Saturday night. I always buy mincemeat in bulk and make several dishes of keema.

Keema recipes are cooked very eagerly in Pakistan and India. Find tawa keema, beef keema recipe, mutton keema and more. Foods that involve keema (minced mutton or beef) are or from Pakistan are in addition, also very popular in other countries of the world especially in the Asian region.

Qeema is basically minced meat used to make different kinds of snacks and main course foods like shami kabab, kofta, seekh kabab etc. There are many different keema recipes prepared in combination with vegetables like Keema Palak and Keema Gobhi etc.

Yet there are many forms in which Qeema can be served. KFoods presents a wide variety of recipes of keema that you can make using mutton, beef and chicken mince. Get fully scrumptious recipes to be made with minced meat; dishes that you never heard about before. So get ready to view recipes of delicious keema dishes like keema matar, mutton and beef qeema, qeema curry and samosa. adds Pakistani keema dishes from top chefs like Chef Zakir, Zubaida Tariq Shireen Anwar etc. Pick a very special recipe for today from the dishes here and prepare it for your home. If you made an awesome Keema food, share it with us.

What is Indian Keema?

Keema or Kima is known as traditional dish of South Asian countries i.e. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal. The way it is cooked is also referred to as Indian Keema. Dish consists of curry of minced meat, mixed with potatoes and peas. Keema can not only be cooked but also used to prepare shami and chapli kababs. It is also used as filling for buns, naans, samosa, keema spaghetti and rolls.

You will find here vast range of: beef keema recipes, mutton keema recipes, bihari keema recipe, dum ka keema recipe and more.


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