sabut masoor ki dal

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masur ki daal
masur ki daal
Dam Ki Boti
Dam Ki Boti

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Makki Ki Roti
Khalida - Gojar Khan Sep 24, 2017
I look for new recipes especially new kinds of roti recipes are my focus. I make sheermal, taftan, makai ki roti, parathay and various others. I am planning to make makai ki roti on upcoming weekend. and i will enjoy it with butter and saag.
Makki Ki Roti
Samiya - Jhang Sep 18, 2017
As per my knowledge, makki ki roti is made in winters as makki ka aata is only available in winter season. This is September, I will try if it's flour is available these days, I would surely try to make it in the breakfast.
Makki Ki Roti
Sabiha - Islamabad Sep 12, 2017
makki ki roti is nice item for breakfast. I often eat it with sarson ka saag or sometimes simply with tea. Either ways it gives a great taste. I like its taste. I see your given recipe is a bit different so I think I will try yours one next time.


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