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Vegetable recipes for dinner and lunch are very popular in Pakistan and India. Vegetables like potatoes, okra, spinach, peas, turnips, carrots, bottle gourd and cauliflowers are cooked almost every week of the month and every day of the week especially in Pakistani culture. Get quick and easy sabzi recipes for dinner and lunch at and get a healthy lifestyle.

Foods like potatoes, spinach, carrots and eggplant are also rich of different nutritional elements such as iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins and so on and that's why eating them is considered as a healthy practice. Pakistani household women are usual to cook mixed sabzi such as aloo palak, aloo methi, aloo mattar, shalgam palak, gajar aloo and many others. Indian cuisine also contains dishes similar to Pakistani cuisines and even some of them are entirely common in both countries. Indian culinary also contains a big number of vegetarian recipes as well.

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Wow are you sure about the 2 cups of oil to cook 1 onion? Seems excessive. I would think it would be more like 2 tablespoons?

  • lucy lighthall,

I ate this very tasty recipe at my mother in law''s home a weekend ago. I loved Masur Ki dal the most among all. I requested that her offer the recipe and she suggested me this fragrant and scrumptious Spiced Lentils Masur Ki Dak recipe.

  • shabana amjad,

Masoor ki Daal is a perfect Pakistani dish that can be served at Dinner or lunch. Delicious and Spicy Masoor Ki Daal can surely replace your regular Masoor Ki Daal recipe.

  • sanam zafar,