Capsicum Recipes

Capsicum recipes are those which have include usage of capsicums as a primary ingredient. There are tons of styles for cooking capsicums dishes. Pakistani and India cuisines offer capsicum recipes for chapati and capsicum fry recipes. Other world cuisines also make use of capsicums in different styles such as making it with meat, cooking capsicums with other vegetables, capsicum curry recipes, rice filled capsicums, capsicum rolls and so on. It is mainly used to add flavor to foods as it has a unique aroma which improves the taste of dishes cooked with it.

Capsium is also sometimes termed as peppers. It belongs to American region where it has been being cultivated centuries. In the current age, it is being cultivated across the world. Besides, its use as a spice and food vegetables, it is used in some medicines as well.

In this section of, you will find various kinds of capsicum food such as:

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Capsicum Recipes Reviews

Murghi or shimla mirch is very easy and quick recipe in my opinion. It is made within 20 minutes. It is very easy recipe.

  • Aisha, Karachi
  • Dec 25, 2018

I have made many recipes from this site and never rated any before, but this murghi or shima mirch I must comment on. Absolutely delicious! So quick and easy, it's hard to believe it tastes so good -- and healthy too!

  • Gohar, Jaccobabad
  • Oct 06, 2018

I wil try

  • Sumaira noman, Karachi
  • Feb 16, 2018