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پھول گوبھی سے تیار کردہ سُوپ phool gobi se tayar karda soup

پھول گوبھی سے تیار کردہ سُوپ

آلو اور گوبھی Aloo Gobi

آلو اور گوبھی

گوبی مینچورین Gobi Manchurian

گوبی مینچورین

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Gobi Recipes Reviews

Aloo Gobi
Safeera - Karachi Jan 08, 2019
I have been looking ALL over the place for this recipe. I never knew what it was called cuz I only had it at a friends house a few times. (she moved before I could ask her about it though) Anyway, this recipe ROCKS!!! I'm a vegetarian and it's really filling and good for you.
Aloo Gobi
Najma - Khanewal Oct 03, 2018
it is a nice recipe for aloo or gobi for a casual dinner. I added some slices of ginger to the same recipe and it worked out good.
Aloo Gobi
Marium - karachi Aug 07, 2018
Who doesn't like aloo? I sure do and I love anything involved with aloo, including the aloo or gobi recipe. It is very easy to prepare and doesn't take up that much time.

Gobi and Band Gobi Recipes

Gobi or Gobhi is a famous vegetable extensively used in Pakistani foods. Gobi recipes are favorite among women as they are easy to make and allow preparing tasty foods. Gobi paratha, aloo gobi recipes, dry gobi recipes and gobi gosht are some of the very frequently cooked gobi dishes in Pakistan. Some Cauliflower Recipes You May Not Know About

There are mainly two types of gobi: band gobi and phool gobi. Band gobi (cabbage in English) is mainly used to make salads and phool gobi (cauliflower) is mostly used to make main course meal foods that are eaten with chapati or naan and cabbage salad is used as appetizer before or along the meal. Some cabbage recipes are prepared by cooking it with other vegetables and then eaten like cauliflower dishes with naan or chapati.

Learn a variety of cauliflower recipes as offered here by KFoods.com. As gobhi is cooked twice or thrice in the month, consider cooking it a different way this time. Get the recipes below:


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