Karela Recipes

Karela recipes are used in Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian kitchens. Karela or bitter gourd is a frequent to cook vegetable with a bitter taste. It is cooked with different vegetables, meat, and pulses. Karela can be used to produce different kinds of foods. Some famous of its recipes are Indian karela recipe, Gujarati karela recipe, karela sabzi recipe, aloo karel recipe and so on.

Karela is a very healthy vegetable as well. It contains many nutrients which save from different diseases. Many people drink its juice to look young and fresh for long time. It also helps makes skin beautiful, tighter and glowing. If you are going to shop a bunch of vegetables for your monthly ration, do add bitter gourd for enjoying tasty foods. You can cook a stuffed karela recipe, Punjabi karela recipe, make karela Indian vegetable and many other recipes.

KFoods.com tells you how to cook karela vegetable recipe in different styles. Following are some delicious recipes of karela suggested by KFoods. Each recipe is given in very easy words. Pick any recipe you like and make it in your style. Make a bitter gourd dish today and share your reviews how did it taste.

Karela Recipes Reviews

keema filled bitter gourds are my weakness to eat. I ask my wife to make it for me every week. I am happy that my wife obeys me and cooks this and other dishes that I ask her to make. It really has a great taste.

  • Hunain, Rawalpindi
  • Apr 18, 2017

Husband requsted me to make qeema bhary kreelay n i found the recipe here ....finally i hope achay bnay gy...

  • madiha fahad, lahore
  • Apr 15, 2017

Here is the Keema Bharay Karelay recipe that I wanted to make since last month but I could not get it's recipe with anyone in my family. Then I searched for Vegetable Recipes on internet and got it on this web site.

  • Bachar, Multan
  • Mar 24, 2017