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آلو پالک Aloo Palak

آلو پالک

پالک گوشت Palak Gosht

پالک گوشت Chef:Chef Mehboob

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Palak kay Pokoray Palak kay Pokoray

Chef:Chef Asad

Spinach With Meat Spinach With Meat

Chef:Zubaida Tariq

قیمہ پالک Keema Palak

قیمہ پالک Chef:Chef Tahira Mateen

Spinach Raita Spinach Raita

Chef:Tahir Chaudhry

Palak Chicken Palak Chicken

Chef:Tahir Chaudhry

Palak Aur Sarson Saag Palak Aur Sarson Saag

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

Palak Recipes Reviews

Palak Paneer
Ghazala - LHR May 27, 2017
palak paneer is the favorite Pakistani food of my brother so I made these just to make him happy and he literally liked it a lot. Thanks for the recipe. It was superb indeed.
Aloo Palak
Laila - Dallas May 24, 2017
aloo is the only vegetable that can easily be added to any other vegetable and can make that recipe even tastier like the way it has made palak tastier in this recipe.
Palak Gosht
Jameela - Lala Musa May 24, 2017
my nano used to make palak gosht. I never liked it when I was a kid, but now I miss it. I want her to make it for me. I will make it in her memory.

In Palak Recipes section, you will learn various types of palak dishes made with different vegetables and meat. KFoods keeps adding newest palak dishes recipes for our fans. Learn to make Palak Gosht, Palak Paneer, Aloo Palak and yummy Palak Cheese Rolls. All these recipes are presented in easy English for your convenience. Choose a paalak dish for today, make it and give a green spinach treat to your family.

Palak(Spinach) is known as very healthy vegetable due to its nutrition facts and benefits. Paalak is especially recommended for pregnant women and growing children as it is helpful in boosting hemoglobin in human's body.


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