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Let's delight in a delicious Pakistani aloo methi recipe. It's recipe includes two vegetables i.e. potatoes (aalu) and fenugreek (methi). Aloo methi curry is a traditional food of rural areas of Pakistan.

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• 250grm Potato & peeled and cut into small pieces.
• 2 to 3 clove of garlic finely chopped
• ½ tsp. cumin seeds (Zeera)
• 2-3 whole dried red chilies
• ½ tsp. salt as per your taste
• 1/8 tsp. turmeric (Haldi) powder
• 1 cup fresh fenugreek (Methi) leaves
• 2 tbs oil
• 1 medium tomato, chopped optional
How to make Aloo Methi


1. In oil, fry the pieces of Garlic (Lehsan) till they start to turn brown. Add Cumin Seeds (Zeera) and red chili. When brown add the spices (and the chopped tomato).
2. When the spices and tomato are well mixed add the potatoes.
3. When the potatoes are half done add Fenugreek Leaves (Methi)) and cook till water dries.
4. Cook throughout on low heat.
5. Serve the hot “Aaloo Methi” for 2 person

How to Make Methi Aloo (Summarized Method):

  • Fry chopped garlic till they become brown colored.
  • Then add cumin seeds and red chillies.
  • When garlic turns fully brown, add remaining spices and also put the chopped tomatoes.
  • Once spices and tomatoes are mixed thoroughly, add potatoes to the pan.
  • Once potatoes are partially done, add fenugreek leaves and cook until water is dried out.
  • Cook on low flame until fully cooked.
  • Tasty Aloo Methi recipe is ready.
  • Serve for 2 persons and enjoy.

Alu Methi, the beloved desi Pakistani Recipe, is an unforgettable, a food not to ignore and one of traditions of the rural Pakistan. Those who have ever been to the villages of Pakistan, the farms of Sindh and Punjab, the suburban areas of KPK and Balochistan know well the tastes of desi life and foods. Pakistani villages and farms are famous to produce potatoes, spinach, fenugreek and other common vegetables that are part of our cuisines. Aloo Methi is also a gift of Pakistani desi lifestyle. Fresh vegetable recipes like Methi Aloo, Palak Aloo, Bhindi Bujhia, Palak Paneer, Sabzi Pulao and Aloo Matar beat the tastes of meat when eaten hot and fresh with hot naan or chapati. Alu Methi gives a superb tastes of two vegetables combined with perfectly dissolved spices and raita and chapati.

It is unknown that when was this recipe cooked first time in the region however it is believed that it belongs to South Asia - Pakistan. Methi Alu or Potato Fenugreek is now a worldwide followed recipe. From Pakistan to India, China to Malaysia, France to Spain and America to Canada, the dish is cooked in standard and with different variations. In English world, it is famous with the name Potato Fenugreek. In European countries Sweet Potato Fenugreek, Potato Fenugreek Curry and Salads are famous variations of the recipe.

Recipe contains highly nutritional elements which include Sodium, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. Fenugreek (Maithi) is already known for its significant nutritional and health facts. All the vitamins and Iron in the recipe provide with energy, health and nutrition to the human body, however it is recommended that always use fresh vegetables, cook in good quality oil or ghee, avoid eating food made at dirty places and take maximum number of health precautions and measures.

Methi is a considered as a very healthful herb vegetable. It is enriched with iron, calcium, vitamin A, D and B12 as well as sodium and dietary fiber. Methi, potatoes and spinach are the vegetables that people eat regularly however if you are skipping fenugreek, you should reconsider your weekly diet plan. And eat it at least once in a week.

Cooking methi with potato, meat, moong dal are suitable options. However, it is great when cooked with potatoes, so here we have given the recipe of aloo methi with easy to follow and clear instructions. Aalu methi or potato fenugreek can be cooked dry or with gravy but it is more tasteful when cooked dry. has offered a highly delicious aloo methi recipe (step by step) which will make you forget any other vegetable recipes. Follow the recipe and enjoy a tradition of desi lifestyle.

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Reviews & Comments

Aloo methi is a very delicious vegetable. It is the mixture of potato and fenugreek. It is good in taste. And it perfect for health. Aloo methi favorite dish of my mother. I did not cook food perfect in taste. Through your effort, we make change in this. And we make very delicious. Thank you for your help....:)

  • Esha, Lahore

These days I was looking for methi leaves but could not find. Probably it will be available in the month of Nov. I am waiting for it to come so I could make methi aloo and also some other methi recipes that I have listed to make in winter days.

  • Rabia Inaam, Lahore

Take care of one thing while making this recipe that cut potato in very small pieces because this is the requirement of the recipe. Large potato pieces do not suit the dish. I dice potatoes into small pieces , this way they absorb the spices well too and ultimately taste better.

  • Hadiqa, Islamabad

I like aloo meethi very much and also my elder brother because its very beneficial for health, now it is not available in the market so m waiting winter to see it on my dinning table .

  • Hakim, karachi

I want two things on my table, one is a paratha of fenugreek and other is vegetable dish of fenugreek with potatoes. These both when combined give a very awesome taste even sometimes it can beat meat dishes as well. Try it must if you did not yet.

  • Mehmood, Garden KHI