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Pakistani Tinda Recipes

Tinda recipes are very tasty and also bear low cost of cooking. Tinda is a low price ordinary vegetable but with great taste. Tinda is a popular kitchen vegetable in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Tinday ki sabzi is a very delicious food which is cooked regularly by oriental women. You can cook a tinda in many different ways. Among hundreds of recipes of tinda, some popular recipes are tinda curry recipe, tinde ki sabzi, bharwan tinda and tinda curry with ghar ka tadka. It can be cooked with various vegetables and with mutton and beef as well.

KFoods.com has gathered an extensive range of recipes of tinda vegetable. Learn how to make tinda sabzi, how to make punjabi tinda, tinda sabzi recipe, watery Punjabi tinda recipe, tinde gosht and masala bharay tinde etc. As vegetables are rich of nutrition, tinda is also considered as a healthy vegetable and making it's foods are good to eat. Eat it regularly, twice or thrice in a month at least, you will surely consider it as a good addition to your food menu.

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What is tinda in English?

It has different names in English.

Tinda vegetable English name is Indian round gourd. Also sometimes it is referred to with Apple Gourd and Indian Baby Pumpkin.

Tinda Recipes Reviews

Here is the Tinday Gosht recipe that I wanted to make since last month but I could not get it's recipe with anyone in my family. Then I searched for Vegetable Recipes on internet and got it on this web site.

  • Baber, Lahore
  • Mar 24, 2017

I don’t like to eat desi food but I still tried to cook this food and then I just tasted a little bit of it but it was made so superbly that I could not resist myself from eating it again.

  • Usman, Pindi
  • Mar 16, 2017

Hello baji i need bahray hoe tinday recipe in urdu bcoz i have to print the recipe and to send to my aunt only in Urdu. she does not read english but she cooks vegetable recipes very tasty. that's why i asked the recipe in urdu.

  • Hadiya, Islamabad
  • Feb 16, 2017