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اسلام علیکم محترم جناب امید ہے آپ خیریت سے ہونگے آپ کی ریسیپی ہمارے گروپ کو بہت ہی زیادہ پسند آئی ہے اور ان کی طرف سے آپ کو دل سے شکریہ ادا کرتے ہیں اور امید ہے کہ آپ اگے بھی اس طرح کی ریسیپی بنانا سیکھیں گے

  • Jown Abbas ,


  • N,

Can you please provide the method of this recipe in English ??

  • sara,

Wow it is my favorite Dhaba Karahi Gosht recipe . I have always recommended that make Karahi Gosht because this is the real form of karahi. No other karahi recipe can match it''s taste. I have tried it myself.

  • Sana,

Good recipe for Dhaba Karahi Gosht. I missed the water however yet it despite everything turned out heavenly. Very easy to follow. Will make once more. Excited to attempt new recipe from this web page!

  • filza,

Really v good recp

  • ,

Really v good recp

  • ,

Potatoes will not be cooked properly if added in the end...............It should be added along with whole garam masala,

  • jawad ahmad,

This is so best and forever most loved dish of Kashmiri Pulao that is generally good for health for everybody so now I will must make it at home by this method

  • filza,

Just recently I purchased brand new oven and I attempted for the most part that recipe which are heated. What''s more, I additionally attempt this Lahori Nan Khatai delicious.

  • soiba khan,