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سندھی بریانی Sindhi Biryani

سندھی بریانی

ربڑی Rabri

ربڑی Chef:Shireen Anwar

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سندھی چکن پودینہ مصالحہ Sindhi Chicken Pudina Masala

سندھی چکن پودینہ مصالحہ

سندھی گوشت کی طہاری Sindhi Gosht Ki Tahari

سندھی گوشت کی طہاری Chef:Chef Tahira Mateen

سندھی بریانی Sindhi Biryani

سندھی بریانی Chef:Shireen Anwar

سندھی بھری مچھلی Sindhi bhadi Machli

سندھی بھری مچھلی Chef:Maida Rahat

Sindhi Biryani Sindhi Biryani

Chef:Chef Ruby Taj

سندھی پلاؤ Sindhi pulao

سندھی پلاؤ

مٹن سندھی بریانی Mutton Sindhi Biryani

مٹن سندھی بریانی

Sindhi Recipes Reviews

Sindhi Biryani
Akbar Muffazir - karachi Jul 01, 2018
Among all biryanis, I think Sindh biryani is just superb because it is colorful, smells great and is super yummy. I like it with both mutton and chicken.
Sindhi Chicken Biryani
Hird Nisa - Germany Apr 10, 2017
I made this biryani for one of the family get together. My family is fond of biryani very much so I decide to make biryani. For this purpose I opened your website and found recipe over here.
Sindhi Chicken Biryani
ameena - belgium Mar 26, 2017
I always find this very supportive for me and same is the case with this recipe as well. My mother in law ordered me to make siri paye and I did so with the help of your recipe

Interested in cooking Sindhi foods today? offers bundle of scrumptious Sindhi food recipes that would turn your ordinary food into a special meal that you would remember forever. Whether it a Sindhi kadhi or Sindhi biryani, find all famous Sindhi dishes snacks with recipes available in English and Urdu. Some of the prominent recipes from Sindhi cuisine are Sindhi pulao, gosht, rabdi, Sindhi chicken biryani and Sindhi mutton biryani.

Sindh, the second largest province of Pakistan is famous for its delicious recipes all over the world. Pakistani Sindhi recipes, also known as 'Sindhi Rasoi' contain lots of superb tastes and delish that many people are missing till this day. Sindhi biryani and and pulao are the top tastes of Sindh and very popular equally across the world.

Sindhi fish, mutton, chicken, biryani, gosht, sweet rabri, Karachi falooda and lots of Sindhi dishes build up the pride for Sindh province.

Stay updated with KFoods for latest Sindhi recipes.


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