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لاہوری پا ئے Lahori Paye

لاہوری پا ئے

لاہوری فرائی فش Lahori Fry Fish

لاہوری فرائی فش Chef:Chef Asad

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لاہوری قتلمہ Lahori Katlama

لاہوری قتلمہ

لاہوری نان ختائی Lahori Naan Khatai

لاہوری نان ختائی Chef:Shireen Anwar

Lahori Fried Fish Lahori Fried Fish

Chef:Tahir Chaudhry

Lahori Steamed Charga Lahori Steamed Charga

Chef:Munawar Latif

Lahori Chargha Lahori Chargha

Chef:Chef Fauzia

Lahori Recipes Reviews

Lahori Paya
Walid Kaleem - lahore Jul 12, 2018
Paya has been a traditional dish in my family. Whenever we sacrifice a goat or bring in goat meat, we always make sure to make lahori paya. It is both delicious and you can even drink it like a soup!
Lahori Chikar Cholay
kiran farooqi - karachi Jul 08, 2018
Lahori chikar cholay are actually very tasty once you try this recipe. I tried it yesterday because I wanted to try something different and I’m glad I found this!
Lahori Katlama
Imran - lahore Jul 01, 2018
I have never tried this lahori katlama recipe so I decided to try it last night and it was something very unique and yummy. My family loved it as well.

Lahori Recipes - offers extensive range of mouthwatering Pakistani Lahori dishes such as Lahori charga, chikar cholay, red karahi, fried Lahori fish recipe and a variety of foods from Lahori cuisine. Lahore is known as heart of Pakistan. It is also a heaven for foods and food lovers. Lahori foods are popular all over Pakistan. Tourists from Pakistan manage to spend a day in Lahore in order to visit Lahore foods streets and taste the famous dishes of Lahore.

Find recipes of traditional Lahori tastes that evolved at one place.

Lahore is known as heart of the country. There are many things famous for Lahore in all over Pakistan.

In Pakistan, it is a famous saying that
if you haven't seen Lahore, you are not born!

Behind many reasons for this saying, one is the tasteful Lahori food (Lahori Khanay). If you get some time to visit Lahore, never miss it's foods. Even other than Pakistanis, foreigners are also crazy for Lahori foods. International cricketers, tourists and people related to different fields when come to Pakistan, they dedicate a day to visit Lahore and enjoy the tastes of phajjay de paye, Lahori katakat, Lahori chargha and other specialties of Lahore city.

We are lucky to have such a beautiful city in our country.
Enjoy Lahori recipes as well with!


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