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حیدرآبادی مرچوں کا سالن Hyderabadi mirchon ka salan

حیدرآبادی مرچوں کا سالن

Hyderabadi Korma Hyderabadi Korma

Chef:Zubaida Tariq

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Hyderabadi mirchon ka salan
Aisha - Karachi Dec 27, 2018
I always ate hydrabadi mirchion ka salan served at weddings and found the recipe here. I made it at home and served with hot homemade rotis. This really tasted good as everyone is a fan of green chillies at my place.
Hyderabadi Gosht ki Tahari
Aisha - Karachi Nov 07, 2018
Hyderabadi food is very tasty and delicious. Hyderabadi gosht ki tahari is very traditional and tasty also. I love to eat it. My mother makes some world best Hyderabadi gosht ki tahari.
Hyderabadi Gosht ki Tahari
Mehnaz - Dehli Oct 19, 2018
One of my Hyderabadi neighbors made this once. I looked for the recipe and found it here. It really tasted well.

Hyderabadi dishes hold a prime status in cooking and culinary in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Hyderabadi cuisine offers many famous recipes such as Hyderabadi Haleem, Hyderabadi biryani, Hyderabadi double ka meetha, Hyderabadi meetha chawal and khubani ka meetha, which all have been made available at KFoods.com.

Hyderabad is 6th largest city of Pakistan and 2nd largest city of Sindh province. Hyderabad is popular for many of its specialties such as it's markets, it's cool evenings, Hyderabadi thandi sarak and obviously Hyderabadi foods recipes. It is also believed that Hyderabadi dishes refer to Indian Hyderabad which is an state in Southern India known as Hyderabad Deccan. Whatever the reality is, Hyderabadi recipes are very delicious and lovable.

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Hyderabadi cuisine

Some of the popular Hyderabadi recipes are Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe, Hyderabadi matka gosht and Hyderabadi double ka meetha recipe. KFoods.com offers dozens of recipes for Hyderabadi foods. Try them one by one and have fun with scrumptious tastes of Hyderabadi cuisine.


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