Yakhni Recipes

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Yakhni Biryani Yakhni Biryani

Chef:Zakir Qureshi

Yakhni Pulao Yakhni Pulao

Chef:Shireen Anwar

یخنی پلاؤ Yakhni pulao

یخنی پلاؤ

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Mutton Yakhni Pulao Mutton Yakhni Pulao

Chef:Chef Faizan Rehmat

بٹیر یخنی Batair Yakhni

بٹیر یخنی Chef:Chef Gulzar

یخنی پلاؤ Easy Yakhni Pulao

یخنی پلاؤ

Degi Yakhni Pulao Degi Yakhni Pulao

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

Mutton Yakhni Mutton Yakhni

Chef:Chef Rida Aftab

کشمیری روسٹ یخنی Kashmiri Roast Yakhni

کشمیری روسٹ یخنی Chef:Chef Sara Riaz

Yakhni Yakhni

Chef:Chef Bajias

Yakhni Recipes Reviews

Easy Yakhni Pulao
Nida - Kohat Oct 10, 2017
Thanks for sharing this pulao. Is it really a Turkish pulao? Should I try this recipe for an upcoming party? I want to make an exclusive and superb dish. Please make me sure so I proceed to make this recipe.
Afakhim - Sialkot Mar 30, 2017
Was looking for Yakhni and found it exactly the way I wanted. Thankful! I can see now that there are still some recipes missing in Soup Recipes, so am looking to you if you add more.
Degi Yakhni Pulao
Izdihar - Quetta Mar 13, 2017
I sometimes try to make a tasteful combination of foods and drinks then I make degi yakhni pulao with something that makes a perfect match with it. Looking ahead for rice recipes that should suit my taste buds.

Yakhni Recipes - kfoods offers you extensive range of delicious Pakistani Recipes and there are a variety of healthy Yakhni Recipes for making your dining experience remarkable. Here you can find easy Yakhni Recipes and many more in different traditional tastes that are specially brought to you from the desk of experts to feel the infinite taste.

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