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Kalakand Step by Step Recipe in Urdu & English

Do you like sweets?
Then find the homemade kalakand recipe in Urdu and English here with step by step formula.

Kalakand has various names such as milk cake, qalaqand and mishri-wama. It is made with condensed milk, cheese and milk powder. You can't find this ea ...
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Riwaiti Mithaiyan Reviews

Chane ki Daal ka Halwa
Habeeba - Multan Nov 16, 2018
Turned out just like the one I used to have at my friend's place. My children loved chane ki daal ka halwa! Thanks for posting it.
Ando Ka Halwa
Aisha - Karachi Nov 16, 2018
This is the easiest halwa recipe I have ever tried. Ando ka halwa was very delicious and mouthwatering. I just added a few drops of kewra into it to make it more traditional and it really was amazing.
Gajar ki kheer
Meraal - Lahore Nov 07, 2018
Winter is the season to make recipes with carrots. As I love this vegetable I made this gajar ki kheer, just with a little variation that toasted the crushed carrots in ghee first and then added it to the milk for more flavor. My gajar ki kheer turned out delicious.
Loki ka halwa
Shazia - Multan Nov 05, 2018
December is the time to make loki ka halwa. This recipe is a pure winter recipe as everyone likes loki ka halwa in winters. My mother makes the best loki ka halwa, I will show her this recipe to follow. I hope it will turn out good.
Tayyaba - Multan Oct 26, 2018
You just have to wait for half an hour to let the batter sit for jalebi. This recipe for jalebi really made it quick. Thank you for sharing easy recipes for jalebi.
Ando Ka Halwa
Anjum - Lahore Oct 22, 2018
I was looking for making some cheap sweet dish to make at a dawat and found this recipe for ando ka halwa here and made it last night for my people. It really was very pocket-friendly and tasted very well. Thank you for sharing. Please share some more pocket-friendly recipes.
Varisha - Lahore Oct 22, 2018
Very yummy, gajrela is a very tasty recipe. Please also share how to make it thicker because I like it thicker then it actually is. But a 5 star from my side.
Meethi Tikiya
Fozia - Lahore Oct 19, 2018
I made the dough for meethi tikiya and kept it in the fridge for overnight. it turned out amazing and the meethi tikiya came out crispy outside and soft inside. I also added sesame in the recipe.
Gajar ki kheer
Fassah - Lahore Oct 19, 2018
My grandmother makes amazing gajar ki kheer. I really like it whenever I go to her place. I suggested her this recipe she became very happy. It is a very accurate recipe.
Gulab Jamun
Ibtesaam Zaidi - Khanewal Oct 18, 2018
Gulab jamun is the best dessert in my opinion. I made them with this recipe and they turned out amazing. everyone loved it.


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