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Fish Recipes in Urdu – We have wide range of delicious and tasteful Fish Recipes in Urdu. Seafood recipes in urdu are amazingly good for our health and very delicious food. In Pakistan machli recipes are very demandable. Here you can find & catch remarkable Fish Seafood Recipes with great ingredients and simple cooking ideas such as Fried Fish recipe, Fried Prawn recipe, and green fish delight recipe, tandoori fish recipe and many more at KFoods.

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Grilled fish has become a staple in my diet, and for good reason! The tender, flaky texture and smoky flavor achieved through grilling make it an absolute delight to enjoy.

  • Sania,

it is awesome one and I have never eaten this Lahori fry fish recipe. I m fond of eating sea food''s recipes but there are many recipes yet to taste like this one. I will definitely try it tonight.

  • Laila,

Fried prawns is my favorite dish. Simply loved the talay hoye jheengay! Was the quickest prawns I have made so far. This is perfect recipe for winters... Thanks Allot Kfoods

  • Shabana,

Fried Fish Recipe at home is now so simple for me. I can easily make it and get the good test. experience of making the Fried Fish Recipe. Thanks

  • soiba,

Lahori Fry Fish Recipe was the delicious taste we easily make that at home I made this Recipe it is so easy to try it.. this is looking so the easy method to make it at home with spices..

  • Hira,

Wow this Lahori Fry Fish is Yummilicious. And also recipe is very easy. I have made it today InshAllah. ab sardiyon mein yeh recipes laazmi banaungi..

  • Hania,

The Recipe of Fish Nuggets is very Yummy. I just increased the amount of Kuti Mirch in the marination which gave it more Spicy and delicious. This Fish Nuggets Recipe is the mouthwatering and very very delicious

  • Saba Ali,

Kids love their Garlic Prawn and I couldn’t agree more on how delicious they are! One can never get enough of the savory crispy bite of Prawn.

  • shumaila amjad,

Fish biryani is the best biryani forever, Fish Biryani are very delicious treats that can be made in just a some minutes and can be preserved for later as well. I am very glad that I found this recipe on kfoods. This is amazing and delicious.

  • Rabia,

Qasoori Fried Fish is literally my Favorite food! It is easy to make, to eat and to serve! I always make in summer.

  • Komal,