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Seafood Fish Recipes remains popular and it’s easy to cook. Here is a wide range of delicious and tasteful Fish Recipes in Urdu as well. Seafood is amazingly good for our health and very delicious food. In Pakistan Fish and Prawn are very demandable hot seafood, it is also called Machli. Here you can find & catch remarkable Fish Seafood Recipes with great ingredients and simple cooking ideas such as Fried Fish recipe, Fried Prawn recipe, and green fish delight recipe, tandoori fish recipe and many more at KFoods.

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Here are the top 7 fish recipes of the season. Fish start getting attention as winters come. There is a huge trend of enjoying seafood mainly fish and prawns in winter due to easy availability of fish. Fish meat tastes good, rich of nutrition and also fish help keep warm. Often we have the fish around but don't actuall ...Read More

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It look OK 👍

  • Pp,

what is common/local name of SALMON fish in Pakistan??? is this found in river or sea??


This is a delicious dish, specially in winter mostly baked it. Yours Finger Fish recipe is very easy and simple.. Thanks to provide it

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