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Get the most scrumptious collection of BBQ recipes offered by Prepare spicy bbq kebab recipes, chicken, mutton and beef barbecue boti and a lot more, with ease and convenience. Explore hundreds of options to convert the meat into spicy barbeque dishes by authentic chefs of Pakistan. Find the recipes that are easy, simple and assured to deliver a perfect taste.

Barbecue (also written as barbeque, barby que or BBQ) is a method of cooking foods particularly meat. BBQ cooking requires some special cooking utensils that are dedicatedly made for it. In BBQ cooking, small pieces of meat are pierced through skewers and placed on a wide metallic container. Inside the container, ablaze coals are placed. Meat is cooked from the rising smoke of the burnt coals; skewers are rotated timely to make sure meat is cooked wholly.

Prior to cooking, meat is softened and marinated with different spices. Marinated meat is stored for a couple of hours before cooking so that is absorbs the spice applied to it. There are hundreds of barbeque meat recipes; you can cook chicken, mutton, beef and lamb meat using this method. Since meat is prepared earlier, it takes less time for cooking.

Barbecue (BBQ) Recipes are the top favorite recipes of people in Pakistan, India and other countries. Barbecue also written as Bar B Q is a procedure of cooking meat with smoke of burning charcoal. Chicken, Mutton, Beef or Lamb meat is placed on the skewers and cooked with smoke of burning fire, mostly with ashes of charcoal. brings to you lots of delicious desi and Pakistani barbecue recipes like bar b q sauce recipe, grilled chicken recipes, bbq grill recipes, barbeque kachumbar and a non ending list of meat dishes. Now with help of KFoods Barbecue Recipes, you can cook meat in many different ways. Find all recipes below and pick a unique and delicious recipe and enjoy a barbeque with new tastes.

For more specific bbq recipes, click on the relevant category. brings Kabab BBQ, Boti BBQ, Bihari BBQ, Broast, Tandoori, Chargha, Tikka, Grilled, Steak and Reshmi barbecue recipes. If this is Eid ul Adha time, you can find very easy recipes for beef and mutton meat. So why wait? Here are the most alluring Asian, Pakistani and Indian Bar B Q Recipes. Open the recipe, follow the instructions and enter the wonderful of tastes.

Different barbeque recipes are suited with different kinds of sauces. Even there are specialized barbeque sauce recipes to add on to normal bbq dishes. Some famous sauces to use with barbeque are mustard sauce, tamarind sauce, black pepper sauce and basic barbecue sauce. So if you are planning to enjoy a bbq meal, do not forget to prepare a bbq sauce.

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