Tandoori Recipes

Tandoori Recipe is another nice variation in Bar B Q cooking. Tandoori recipes denote a South Indian cooking style which uses Tandoor (oven) for cooking the meat. Tandoori style cooking mostly consists of bar b.q dishes in which fish or chicken are cooked with tandoori spices.

Tandoori spice recipes took place in South India and later got famous in other regions especially in Malaysia, Singapore and other South Asian Countries. Tandoori BBQ spices consist of yogurt and other spices which are combined and bring an excellent spicy taste of meat.

KFoods.com offers a variety of tandoori bbq chicken and fish recipes with Indian and Pakistani cooking style. Find the recipes here and gain the maximum taste of meat. Unique tandoori dishes have become popular throughout the world as it uses different spices from other Barebeque recipes.

Tandoori Recipes Reviews

My best recipe is fried chicken especially this Tandoori chicken,, my family members also loves this Tandoori Chicken recipe.. Thanks Kfoods

  • Shabana,
  • Jul 24, 2020

As a matter of first importance I might want to educate my experience regarding making chicken foods. I at first didn''t give any significance to Chicken dishes however once I ate two or three these , I was truly dazzled with their prepared taste.So I by then took singular interest and now I have made an enormous number of them . Still I have to make more.

  • Sania Khan ,
  • Jun 19, 2020

Thanks for this recipe! Quite simple to prepare and huge on taste. I was surprized how great it turned out...I used chicken with bones (backs & legs) and skin and omitted the ghee.

  • Durr e shehwar, Faisalabad
  • Jan 13, 2019