Chargha Recipe

Charga Recipes - Chicken Charga is a whole piece of chicken, fried and eaten with Masala. It's cooking includes marinating the chicken with spices and yogurt and then frying it to eat. Chargha or Charga is a famous chicken dish, eaten and enjoyed all over Pakistan. The most famous Chargha is from Lahore which is famous as Lahori Chargha. It's taste uses different spices that are part of the Lahori Cuisine.

Chargha is mostly made with Chicken Meat. Pakistani people eat it like a delight as it is truly a dish from Pakistani Cuisine from Lahore. It is eaten with Masala usually without a naan or chapati. Burns Road, Yaseenabad, Hasan Square in Karachi are full of shops offering hot fresh Lahori Chargha. However, now with help of its recipes you can easily make it at home.

You need spices, ingredients and chicken and KFoods will tell you different styles for cooking Charga Dishes. With little differences in spices, you find a totally different taste of it. Many famous chefs like Chef Fauzia, Chef Aneela Rizwan, Chef Bajias and Chef Munawar Latif have told different styles on how to cook Charga with Chicken.

If you are thrilled for enjoying a chargha today, we have the stuff for you. Find below a handsome collection of different recipes including

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Why Lahori Chargha?

Whenever chargha is referred, the word Lahori is found connected to it. Charga is a popular food which belongs to Lahori cuisine. Lahori food culture is not only famous in Pakistan but it's fame is talked about in the whole world. Foreign visitors to Lahore do not afford to miss the tastes of Lahori foods. Food streets of Lahore attract foodies toward speciality foods of Lahore which include karahi, katakat, tikka, barbecue and especially spicy chargha of Lahore.

Chargha Recipe Reviews

My Mother makes very tasty Chargha. I really like it whenever I go to her place. I suggested her this recipe she became very happy. It is a very balance recipe.

  • Madiha,
  • Oct 14, 2020

Lahori chargha recipe is completely unique to me so I thought of making it as I heard it for the very first time in my life. Indeed it was very tasty and delicious and thanks for sharing.

  • Aisha Saif, Karachi
  • Jan 01, 2019

The amazing spicy and red color of this Lahori chargha was amazing. It really looked like some Lahori food which I love the most. I tried it at an evening party and it was all eaten. The recipe is very easy and tasty.

  • Javeria, Faisalabad
  • Nov 07, 2018